Monday, May 11, 2015


A lot happened this week!  On Monday we had district pday and went to this really cool dam where they have a picnic place. It was so pretty!  I'll send the pictures next week.  On the way home...get ready for this, 

So this week we helped set up for a big huge beehive convention, our washing machine flooded our kitchen, I got a ticket and hit a kangaroo, we found out we have to sing at two different meetings this week and don't have time to practice, (and aren't musical enough to just pull it together haha), and it has been super stormy, which has been really fun!  Bit hectic, but other than a couple sad things (all of the things that have to do with the car), it's been a fantastic week! 


Church was fabulous!  I loved all of the testimonies, and classes were on point!  We got pulled out of the third hour so the primary kids could give us giant cards that they made for all the missionaries.  It was so cute!!  

We haven't been able to get a hold of the woman and her son, but we will this week!

If you remember the young man we started teaching last week, we are going to have the elders continue to teach him, but he is still learning, which is great!  I probably already told you that.  I'm just trying to think about all the people you asked about...

Just for future reference, many many people aren't married here, so when I say partner, that's just what they call the person they are living with/have a family with or whatever haha.  

I am learning that everyone has their own time table, and no matter how fast I want things to happen, oftentimes patience is the key.  Conversion isn't a cookie cutter process, or else it wouldn't work.  I read this week that the first step to conversion is desire. The people we are working with right now have differing levels of desire and different needs, and we have to work with them to not only help them learn how to plant the seed, but help them nourish it and then learn how to nourish it for themselves.  See Alma 32 verses 26-43

The gospel is the best!  I am so grateful for the Saviour's atonement, which allows me to change and grow and allows each of us to find relief during our trials and from our weaknesses.  Have a great week!  Love you all!

Sister Formica

P.S. Tell Mckay to send me a picture from Prom!  

(Here are two for you, Rebecca)

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