Thursday, April 30, 2015

Half-way!!! What the ....

Man oh man this has been a good week!  Can anyone believe that it has almost been 9 months?!  I can't, I swear I just got here...

About Flat Adam--I got him this week and sent the pictures we took.  Do you want me to send him back immediately or should I keep him a bit longer?  One of our members did Flat Stanley with her daughter and took a bunch of pictures, so I am sending those as well, since I didn't get to take a bunch of exciting pictures with Flat Adam.  Sorry Bud!  Her pics are better. 
(Adam's class made flat "selves" and sent them as far away as possible, asked their recipients to take pictures and send both the pictures and the Flat Adam's back.  Adam felt extra lucky to have a sister in Australia!)

(And here are her friend's Flat Stanley pictures)

We had a family home evening yesterday where everyone brought food and games and we had a lesson. We had 3 investigators come and a less active woman and her sons and another less active man with his two kids and several member families. The members were so welcoming and great with everyone who came. It was really a successful night!  I got smashed at soccer by all these little African kids...

This last week we taught a lady named Sharon and her eight year old son about the Plan of Salvation. It was soo cool! She has a lot of knowledge and naturally knows a lot of things that are true. When we shared the Plan with her, she was excited because it's what she already believed.  She is so keen to learn more, and we are so excited to share it with her, because she loves it!  I know Heavenly Father has prepared her for this time.

 We also met and taught a man named William who has had a really rough life and doesn't seem to have a lot of hope. But when we had a lesson with him, we had two members with us, and one of them had a really strong impression at the end that if he accepts and acts on the messages we share with him, he will find true happiness. She shared it with him, and it was really powerful. We are going to have the Elders teach him, but at least he is getting taught!

Saturday morning we woke up to go to Dawn services for ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Armed) and Sister Vaha'i said she wouldn't bike there.  It wasn't too far from where we live, so we set off walking through the streets at 5:45, thinking we would get there soon...It was a lot further than we thought, and we missed most of it.  But the part we caught was really cool.  Everyone was so respectful and quiet.  I sent a bunch of pictures from the memorial.  It starts in the water, representing the soldiers coming from the boat to the land, then up over the hill, and then it gets smaller and smaller as they were killed on the other side of the hill (look up the ANZAC story, I don't have time to share more, sorry!) ANZAC story   On our way there, we were walking through the streets and no one was around, it was such a weird feeling.  Sister Vaha'i said she felt like we were in the walking dead...I basically half-ran/dragged her the rest of the way there ha. 

Uploaded a bunch of pictures, but no time to explain them.  Sorry!  Next week :)

This is definitely where I need to be right now!  The gospel is just the best!  I learn so much each and every day.  Have fun, be safe! 

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  Have a great week!!!

Sister Formica

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