Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Goodbye Halls Head, Hello Melville!

Warning: I don't know if this email makes a ton of sense.  We have so much to do I feel like my head is going to be done in, but I know somehow it'll get done and if it doesn't I'll survive ha.

It's been a crazy but great week!

Yesterday was Western Australia day!!  No one really knew what the holiday was for though, and nothing really happened for it. We had planned to do a district finding activity at the foreshore, but we had been doing so many other things that we really weren't well prepared, and we hadn't planned too much what we were going to do there.  We were trying to decide if we should just cancel it and do it another day when we were more prepared.  Sister Vaha'i and I were a bit stressed out (ok, so maybe it was just me ha), but the two of us were trying to figure out what to do during lunch.  We sang "Did You Think to Pray?" One line in particular really hit me that "Prayer will change the night to day."  After we sang, we did pray and told Heavenly Father the situation and asked Him for guidance.  We felt like it would all be ok, and that we should go and hand out Plan of Salvation pamphlets at the foreshore.  We also had candy for Western Australia Day for the kids.  It was so great!  We met the elders and split up to cover the foreshore.  There were so many families there and we were able to talk to so many people and plant a lot of seeds.  I love talking to people--you feel so much happier when you are talking to people--even when they don't want to talk to you and ignore you, it feels good when you are trying.  

We also felt like we should invite our neighbour to come with us to the foreshore.  (The one from Germany who feeds us and is so kind but when we set up a teaching appt she said she didn't want to learn anymore).  We explained what we were going to do and asked if she would like to join us.  She said no, but changed her mind and came and met us there.  We were able to teach her a bit about the plan of Salvation as well.  We gave her the pamphlet (which we had given her earlier in the transfer and she hadn't read) and we went to talk to other people while she sat on the bench and read through it all.  It really touched her and she was so open to learning.  It was so incredible!  I know Heavenly Father guided us, and He works through such small means.  He knows when the time is right for people, when their hearts are soft and opened, and He prepares them. 

One of the less active girls we are working with had a bit of a bumpy weekend.  Her family had been over and it had been a little while since we had seen her.  She told us that she had stopped praying because it hurt less to block it all out.  Her partner took her kids are ran away, and she is missing them so badly.  She doesn't want to take them to court, because she doesn't want to do that to her kids.  She came back to church because she knew that God would be the one who could help her.  We bore testimony that Christ knows how she feels and that if she continues holding on and drawing closer to Him, He will be able to lift and carry her through this time.  She knows it's true, and she knows what the spirit is telling her, she just didn't want to listen because she was angry because it was taking too long. 

This week I learned not to rush around, but be calm and diligent and understand that I can't do everything all at once.  The lesson that numbers do not count was totally reinforced to me this week.  All I can do and all I need to do is diligently seek to do what the Saviour would do every single day.  I got caught up wanting to rush around and see everyone, but Heavenly Father and my companion gently reminded me what is truly important and what my job is.

Kadidjiny Park - looks really fun!  

I am getting transferred to Melville with Sister DeVera from the Philippines. I was hoping it's a biking area, but I don't think it is...oh well. Someday I'll get there. (And probably wish I had a car ha). We are getting doubled into an elder's area again...my favourite...

I absolutely love this area and all of the people I have met here.  I am so grateful to have been able to serve in Halls Head!  I am nervous but excited to go to Melville.  (I'm just not excited to move into an elder's flat again haha just kidding).  (The first day is usually spent scrubbing the flat down when sisters move into places that were previously lived in by Elders... ).   

Sister Vaha'i is nervous--it's so cute.  I remember exactly how I felt when Sister Iosua-Fiu left ha.  I know that she will do a great job :) She is an amazing missionary with such a strong desire to serve and do what's right. 

I hate packing with all of my heart.  But the hardest part is leaving those you are working with.  I want to continue to see their progress, but I know it'll be ok.  There are other things I need to do and many lessons for me to learn elsewhere.

We are going to go play squash for a tiny bit before I pack and whatnot!  Gotta go!  Love you all!  Have a great week!

Sister Formica

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