Thursday, February 11, 2016

She's home!

After 20 hours of flight, 6 hours of layovers, and 3 hours of driving, she made it home.  Here are a few pictures from the airport.  We left home 4:10 am, thinking that would be plenty of time to get there by 6:30 AM.  Her flight arrived at 6:00 AM instead of 6:30 AM, we got stuck behind two accidents, and didn't get to the airport until 7:00 AM.  We looked around for her to see if we had missed her, but didn't see her anywhere.  So we went to the place where we would see her first when she came up this ramp from customs.  We heard a few people with Aussie accents, so figured we were in time, then we saw the pilots and flight attendants coming up and Ed wondered if we missed her.  So he decided to do a quick loop around to make sure we didn't miss her.  Quite a sacrifice because he didn't want to miss her, but it sounded wise.  So he quickly left.  We were so focused on the people coming up, we didn't hear the stealth missionary behind us until she grabbed me and yelled "Boo!"  (She must have learned a few tricks from the Aboriginals about tracking) I have to admit, I screamed (squealed) quite loudly.  At least it was loud enough for Ed to hear across the room.  So hugs all around, but no video of her coming up the ramp.  Funny girl.  I guess when she didn't see us there to meet her (yep, anticlimactic) she went to the restroom.  That's where she was when we came in the door.   


In the second picture, she's laughing hard because right as the guy was taking the picture, I told her , "Oh.  I broke your phone."  What?  As you can see, she looks happy and well.  No Aussie accent.  I guess it's rare for Americans to pick up the Aussie accent; much easier to pick up the Pomp accent (Pomp is English accent - haha), something about the way they hold their mouths?  But she has some cute Australian phrases, hey?  It's so good to have her home.  Rachel and Devon come home tonight, so it's going to be a happy reunion!  First time all together since April 2013.  Her homecoming is next Sunday at 11 AM at the Park Hill Chapel in Hemet.  Find Park Street and drive around it (it's kind of a circle) until you see the big A frame.  We'd love to have you join us.  Thanks for all of your love and prayers on her behalf.
Love you all! 

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