Tuesday, February 2, 2016

No email today, short one last week.

Well, Sister Formica must be busy seeing everyone and everything she wants to see before leaving Australia.  No email today, but she did send the sentence below last week, so we know she was alive.  :) 

No time to write, computers shut down earlier.  Sorry I love you!

For anyone interested, her homecoming talk will be February 21 and 11 am.  Here is the address:  1151 Park Ave, San Jacinto, CA.  I've heard the GPS sends you to some residence, so here are directions:  

Heading East on Ramona Expressway, turn right on Hemet St.  Right on Charlton, Left on Park Ave.  Church is about a mile down on the right.  It's a big A-frame right after a ball field.  

She leaves Australia at 10:30 pm their time (6:30 AM our time on Tuesday) and arrives at 6:30 AM our time Wednesday.  After 24 hours, I'm sure she'll be tired of travelling.  

Her phone broke while she was gone (I dropped it...) so we'll get her set up as soon as she gets home. Thanks for loving and supporting her these past 18 months (and more).  

If she writes next week, I'll post it.  

Chris (Sister Formica's mom)

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