Monday, October 6, 2014

I've been out for 2 months. Is that not unreal? Feels like nothing but also foreverrr

Hahaha I just love our family. So much.  Reading your emails definitely helps me get through the week, seriously.

It's crazy because everything is different here, but the differences are slight, so you're slightly thrown off because you feel like it should be the same since it's not ridiculously different. I think if things were completely different (like I imagine they would be in Africa) then it would be fine because it's expected, but because everything is just slightly different it throws me off a bit more, because I'm not expecting it. 

I feel kind of out of it here. I was studying yesterday though and I realized I just need to love the people and pray for and serve them and everything else will take care of itself.  It doesn't matter if I fit in really, or if they love me back, because the missionary doesn't convert people, the message does, and really the spirit does. So if I have the spirit with me we are told that we will be recognized as servants of the Lord. (obviously if they like me it'll be easier to get in to teach them, but they don't have to love and adore me ha).

Last thing, I just am a quiet person I decided.  We are pretty quiet when it's just two of us. I like to listen to people I guess. And it was the same with Sis G. I never thought I was a quiet person, but I just don't have much to say?   I don't know. It's all good.   Just funny.

I love Australia and I love the people, I just need to work a bit harder to connect with them. 
The general women's broadcast was AMAZING. Have talks always been this good and I just didn't pay much attention or are they getting better? Ha. I need to live the gospel joyfully. And doing so, everything else will take care of itself.

Fun things about Australia:
The ice cream truck plays the song "What Child is This?"
The mailmen ride around on motorcycles dressed all in neon yellow. I think that sounds like a fun job.

One of the elders in our ward had had a really hard day, so we took them ice cream and were eating it outside. The next day I went to eat some and there was something really weird looking in it, so I'm poking at it, and it was a frozen sick.

We went to this older lady's house to help her get ready for an inspection, and I got to get rid of all the spiders and cobwebs. It made me paranoid of spiders. So many. Everywhere. And then the next morning in our flat there was a big one appeared out of no where on my arm. But I killed a black widow or two, and some other really gross looking ones. Just call me the spider slayer.

There's this couple with the cutest family who is in our ward.  They have 4 little kids who are soooo cute. The dad is really kind and respectful of us.   His mom is also in our ward.   He plays the didgeridoo so well. It's really cool. He's going to teach us how so I'll be a pro when I come home!  (Oh Good!  We've had one for about 10 years.  We need a pro!)

The gospel brings so much joy and so many blessings. I love it. It just makes sense that God has a plan for us and that He would tell us about it. That He would tell us the way to return to Him.

I love you so much!!! Gotta go because we are going on a hike and having a picnic and then playing SPORTS! So excited!!

Oh dad, last question, sometimes when people investigate the church, they look through the internet and find all these things that people say weren't possible with the Book of Mormon, like something about horses and what not, I don't remember too well. But things that people who are reading anti-mormon lit talk about with the Book of Mormon.  Sometimes this keeps them from embracing the gospel.  Sometimes they overcome the doubt.  What changes them?  Do they just start really reading it with an open heart?  Because answering those specific concerns about the logistics or whatever it is that people are concerned with isn't going to change anything, you know?  

I love you!!! I can't believe Rach is coming home! That is so unreal! And seems so far away haha. I'm so sad that I won't be there. But she doesn't need me anyway ha.  Not True!!  Rachel's last email talking about the airport:  "I am sure you already know this, but nothing big please and thanks. just our little family, no posters no nothing. stinks that becca won't be there. but that's okay.... I can't believe I am actually emailing about this. mum it doesn't seem real! like at all. so strange."  They really do need each other -- time together will come.  So grateful for that.  :)   

Have the most wonderful week. You are the best.



PS I would send a letter, but I pretty much tell you everything in my emails.

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