Monday, October 27, 2014

umm...Missions are the best!

Hey guys!!! Hope you're all doing well!

Um so this week was a little different, but really good! I'm in a trio/threesome/whatever you want to call it with Sister Reynolds from the MTC  and Sister Iosua-Fiu! It's weird having 3 sisters, but it's really fun!

We witnessed so many miracles this week. One night we didn't have any food, so Sister Iosua-Fiu wanted to go to Hungry Jacks aka Australian Burger King. When we got there it was closed, so we went somewhere else instead and when we get out of the car this man kinda slows down and looks at us. We start talking to him and it turns out He is less active--he was baptized in 2010 and he's in our ward! It was perfect timing.

We were able to speak to the parents of 2 of the girls who weren't allowed to be baptized, and both of their dads gave permission!!!! And we found out that one of the families everyone has been baptized except this girl and her younger brother, and as a family they have thought about coming back a few times! Which is a big change from the way they were acting towards us before. Huge change.
And the other dad said that we can come teach their family about tithing. His english isn't too hot, so it was a bit hard to understand him, but he said that he wants his children to know the importance of tithing when they grow up. Random right? His mom was a member of a different church but she taught him that by paying tithing you will never be poor. Might not be wealthy but you won't be poor, and he wants that for his kids. They've been teaching her forever and this is the first opportunity we have to teach the whole family!! Ahh!

Um running out of time, so I'll just wrap things up. Just a few more things.

We have done sooo much weeding in the last week. And spider slaying. I always have to kill the spiders...rude right? Just kidding, it's not that bad. I killed 3 redbacks!!! At least Sis Reynolds said they were redbacks ha. I wouldn't know. But that was intense.

This is NOT the Rebecca I knew!  She looks like she is actually enjoying this experience!  :)
We did a zone service project weeding this nature reserve or something...I'm pretty sure that's where the weeds belong isn't it? We were basically weeding a forest.

We're pretty much out of Ks (Kilometers) so we are biking everywhere we can, but sis reynolds and sis Iosua-fiu hate biking. I like that we are almost out because it forces us to bike haha.

I gave a talk on Sunday and afterwards realized the whole congregation was probably sea sick because I was swaying back and forth a little bit...oops. Sounds like a really awkward thing to do while giving a talk, but I don't think it was that bad. Oh well.

We went to a Samoan family's house for dinner and I had raw fish for the first time...not the biggest fan, but it wasn't that bad. Lucky us they gave us a big thing of leftovers. Whoo. But our ZL really likes it, so we gave it to him.

They have a pool table so I taught them how to play crud, but we used church words instead. One of their kids couldn't remember what the letters where though haha. He kept spelling ELDS.

Oh and I met a deaf woman at a park and was able to have a conversation with her for a while. It was soo much fun! She was so sweet. Australian Sign Lang has pretty different signs from American sign language, unless I really just forgot that much haha.

Our ZLs are doing like a 12 days of Christmas thing with my birthday! So that's been super fun. They gave me candy corn! Which made it seem a bit more like Halloween!

We went on a walk with one of our investigators--she is in a really bad situation, and she is choosing to remain in it, but she wants to raise any future kids in the church, and she wants the gospel, she just isn't willing to make the changes right now that she needs to in order for that to happen. Ahh. Agency. It's a gift...and a curse. Just kidding, it's such an incredible gift and I am grateful for it.

Whenever I decide to wrap things up, I think of 10 more things to say haha. Sorry no individual emails this week...

Um, I know other things have happened this week, but I can't remember what, and I have to go, but I am so grateful for you all! Love you! Hope everything is good!


Sister Formica

Oh last one! One of our investigators who has been investigating since foreverrr (aka 2009) is getting baptized. They had to get married first, but they are doing that this week! Ahhh! So excited for them! And he can't wait to get baptized and go to the temple with his family. (They are members). He is the best missionary to his extended family who are all in gangs and whatnot. He gets all teary whenever he thinks about them and sharing the gospel with them.

Oh and here are some pictures thanks to my companions. You're welcome Mom haha.

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