Monday, April 13, 2015

Best. Week. Ever.

This was just the best week ever, and the weekend was even more amazing!  We had general conference and zone conference and I feel so excited for this coming week!  At zone conference President invited us to participate in a mission wide fast on Sunday to increase our faith and diligence to find those that are ready to hear the gospel.  We did it, even though at first I was a bit heartbroken to have to make everyone crepes and not be able to eat any myself.  But I am so glad that we did.  The brunch was so much fun!  We made crepes, other members brought food, and everyone sat outside at tables and visited in between sessions.  Sister Fell, the young women's president, brought her crepe maker and made crepes with us the whole time.  We have such an incredible ward! 
Conference was so so uplifting.  We had two investigators come on Sunday and they really listened intently for almost all of it--towards the end of the second session, one of them dozed off haha, but I almost did too).
I loved Elder Eyring's talk about fasting.  Ok I loved all of them.  We printed off bingo and gave it to the kids and told them if they got it to come and we would give them a chocie (Ok so people abbreviate chocolate, but I have no clue how to spell it haha.  It just looks strange. choc-ie? choc-y). None of the kids brought it to us, but all the elders did haha. 

A picture of Kite-Boarding, not from Sis Formica (from Google).  
After conference, we decided to continue our fast for a bit, and went to do our personal and companion study, but it was such a beautiful day that we went outside and sat on the bench across from our flat to do it.  While we were studying, this lady was windsurfing (ok it wasn't actually windsurfing, it was the one where you have a kite and a board...I don't really know how to explain it, but it looks really fun and I really want to try it when I get home!
She finished and was walking up the path to us, so we started talking to her.  She is the most lovely lady--she's from Germany and has been here for 5 years.  We started talking, and she lives in the unit next to ours.  Her ex partner used to visit with missionaries, and also she was the one who came to view our apartment last week to see if she wanted to buy it.  Crazy huh?  She invited us to come eat dinner with her, said just to give her half an hour to shower and change. She is crazy cool!  She used to work in a kitchen and had these stuffed potatoes that she made too many of, so we helped her with that.  We sat on her balcony and had dinner and were able to teach her a little bit.  She made us a smoothie and is going to make bread for our next lesson.  She so reminds me of Ashlyn! 

You know how we cleaned our car in the rain?  Well it was vacuumed and spotless and everything for zone conference, but in between Tuesday and Friday it became messy again :(

I have to run, but I've decided the library is the best place to find people to teach.  Maybe we should just come camp out here ha.  Anyways, I love you all!  Have a great week!!

Sister Formica

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