Monday, April 20, 2015


Malo e lelei everyone! 

I couldn't think of a subject line, so I was just typed the letters in the top line of the keyboard and was going to say it was something in Aboriginal or Maori or whatever, but I couldn't think of anything.

Ok mom, answers to your questions first...everyone else can skip down to where the numbers end if you don't want to read about my shoes or healthy food and whatnot, sorry I was feeling a bit lazy with writing emails. 

1. No I haven't yet bought new shoes.  Funny story, I always forget about the hole, and wear them anyway, and one of my favourite sisters in the ward saw my shoes and asked what size I wore because she was going to buy me new shoes.  Don't worry, I told her I have some, these are just my favourite ha.  Yeah but I am pretty sure Rachel had to walk a lot more than we do.  We have a car or bike and don't walk all that often, so I should be right. 
2. No we're good, thanks though!
3. We have enough money to get fruits and veggies, no worries. We have started having meals with members more and more and this week we have like 4 dinner appointments, which is the most I've really had in any area here.  We just bought a bunch of fruits and vegetables this morning, so we are totally fine.  My companion is addicted to meat though.  Like seriously addicted.  She craves it all the time.  We were talking about the Word of Wisdom in Sunday School, and everyone who knows her kept looking at her when we talked about the eating meat sparingly part haha. 
4. Umm not so much with the exercise, but she is pretty patient with me most of the time.  We just started going outside--there's this grassy area where you can see the beach, and I'll run the stairs while she sits or does some other stuff. 
5. I have no clue.  I'll ask what they do if you don't vote.  I really don't see them enforcing it ha.  And a law without a punishment is really like no law at all...I don't know if that made sense, but oh well. 
(Most of my questions were implied ... #2 had to do with a gift of having food delivered.  #5 was asking about the mandatory voting requirement in Australia -- someone asked me what happens if you don't vote.  So I asked her).  

Ok here's the rest:

Hope you all had a fantastic week!

This last week was good but a little rough.  I was feeling like it was a bit hard to feel the spirit or struggling with listening to the spirit to know what to teach or say.  I felt overwhelmed and stressed, but from Sunday on I have been feeling a lot better and happier and waay less stressed. 
Sister Vaha'i and I have come up with specific things we are going to implement this week to help us.  I am so excited for this week!
 Sister Vaha'i is very strong.  Her testimony is definitely a strength to me.  I love her!  We are staying in Halls Head for another transfer...surprise!  I love this ward and am so excited to stay here :)
Oh guess what?!  So we have the coolest member in our ward, and this last week after we talked to him and his family, he asked his friend if she would like to meet with us!  When he called and told us about it he was so excited!  He wants us to go to her home first by ourselves, and said after that if she is comfortable with it we can have the lessons in their home. And then this morning when we were shopping, our checkout lady knew all about missionaries because she knew this same member and his dad! 
On our slow day ( I explained that last time, right? ... Nope...) when the whole mission was walking or busing or biking, we met this man named Chris who we helped to get his yard ready to rent out to people.  We were biking by, stopped to talk to him, and a couple minutes later we were mowing a lawn and trimming the trees with him haha.  We were able to talk a bit, and he is amazing!  He recently began to change his life--gave up gambling and drinking and all sorts of stuff and started going to a church 3 weeks ago.  We invited him to church with us, but he wasn't sure if he could come.  We're seeing him and his family this week though, I'll keep you updated!

Funny stories...I know there were a bunch, we laughed a lot this week...I just didn't write them down. Sorry!  I already told you that peppers area called capsicum right? (I don't remember that ...) Yeah sorry...l'll write things down this week. 

I love the gospel!!  I am so grateful for this opportunity to share it with everyone!  Hope you all have an amazing week.  Love you!

Sister Formica

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