Sunday, August 16, 2015

There is sunshine in my soul today!!

Hey guys!

It's a good thing that the sunshine is in my soul, because it's not outside...Sorry, that was really cheesy haha.  It's been raining for agessss.  I don't know how Rach survived in London.  It is a bit warmer, but it rains off and on all day and night and has been for the last week or two.  I don't know how I'm ever going to survive a winter in Provo again.

Anyways, highlights from this week: Dwayne got baptized!!!!  He said that he felt really relaxed and peaceful.  I am so happy for him!!  I'll send a picture next week ha.  It was a bit crazy because our chapel has an outdoor courtyard type thing and the classes are in a square around it, and the baptismal font is in the nursery, so everyone had to go outside to get to the nursery and it's cold and windy and raining--good thing the elders remembered to turn the hot water on when filling up the font...this time haha.  But it was really good.  He just takes everything in and just wants to do what is right.

Other than that, I don't remember a ton of what happened this week.  It was a good week, I felt happy at the end of each day, but the days all kind of rolled together in my mind.
Oh wait, we had a service project (It's always when I write that I don't remember what happened this week that a memory comes to my mind, so I'll write that planning on ending the email, and then it goes on for another 2 or 3 paragraphs haha). 

We had an investigator who is a bit older and very stubborn about allowing people to help her.  When we went by this week, she said that she really didn't want to change and she was fine where she was at.  But she needed help with this huge orange/lemon tree that she has in her garden.  She wanted it trimmed but didn't want us to help her for free.  We finally convinced her to let us help, and she only agreed to let us help if we had the elders come (which annoyed me a tiny bit because I am too prideful and thought we didn't actually need their help to do it, because we are capable, but it's all good haha).  We went over with the elders and trimmed this tree and a couple others, and it turns out it's a really dumb tree.  Sister De Vera had an allergic reaction to it, and it has thorns that are ridiculously long.  

On Sunday after church we met a Chinese lady who was weeding.  We stopped to help her and quickly learned that she literally didn't understand a word of English.  Not "name" or "help" or anything.  And I learned why I got called to Australia...I cannot communicate when there's a language barrier. At all.   When we were trying to teach the Italian woman back in Mandurah, the Semus would always tease me because I just am awful at communicating with people who speak other languages.  They said I might need to change my career plans haha.  Anyways, her daughter who has been in WA for 20 years eventually came out and helped us communicate with this woman.  Then when we spoke to the daughter we found out that she used to meet with elders 20 years ago and they taught her about Jesus Christ and the Bible and all of that stuff that she had never heard of before!  Unfortunately they are in the Elder's area, so they will be going back there.  But it's amazing how Heavenly Father knows where we all are and doesn't lose track of anyone haha.  I don't understand how he does it, but I am grateful. 

One thing that I was thinking about the last couple of days is agency.  We met a man who thinks that God makes every decision for us and we don't have the freedom to make our own choices.  I know that this is not true, but that Heavenly Father loves us enough not to force us to choose the right.  He gives us the ability to make our own choices so that we learn.  We need this experience.  Otherwise we would not be able to reach our potential.  And life would be pretty miserable if we couldn't make our own choices.  I don't know if that makes any sense.  But I do know that we each have a purpose to be here on earth.  That when we keep God's commandments, we are blessed incredibly, and that is the only way to have lasting happiness.    

I have to go, but I hope you all have a wonderful week! Good luck to everyone who's starting school!!!  Enjoy it :)  

I am sooo blessed to have such amazing family members and friends.  Thanks for your examples and support!  Love you all!!!  I know I always say that, but I mean it!

Sister Formica

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