Sunday, August 23, 2015

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

Hey guys!  Hope you all had a wonderful week and starting school wasn't too miserable (Adam)...

The subject line was Sister De Vera's catchphrase this whole week haha.

This week was both a wonderful week and a wonderfully trying week ha.  You know those times when you feel like you are being stretched so much but Heavenly Father sends tender mercies your way so much more often than you probably notice?  It was one of those.  But all good :) 

Just a fun fact, it was national marriage day on Tuesday or Wednesday.

This is mom.  Just realized Sister Formica downloaded pictures on Dropbox last week!  I downloaded them to the pictures page.  Seeing her makes me happy!  Here are a few:  

Looks like a fun story should go with this one ... 
This week:

we did service for our buddy Tina and got bags of cakes (cupcakes/muffins and some banana bread and delicious things...and guess what?  They are all gluten free).  Not that it makes a difference for us, but they taste sooo good.

We are still really trying to find people to teach.  We pretty much had to drop everyone we were working with.

We met another woman this week who used to meet with the missionaries somewhere else years ago.  She is a super young single mum with 3 ADORABLE kids.  She was really sweet and when we pulled out a pamphlet about the plan of salvation to give to her, she said it was the one the sisters had given her, but she lost it when she moved.  Heavenly Father always knows where we are.  We are super excited to work with her.

We got to try Burmese food!  Nono cowsway.  I know there is no way that's how it is spelled, but that is how it sounds haha.  Coconut milk chicken or something like that.  Looked it up -- "Ohn-No Khao Swè" literally means "Coconut Milk Noodles".  Here's a recipe blog that talks about it if you're curious.  
It is really good!  Kinda like Hawaiian Haystacks (If I am thinking of the right name) but with noodles instead of rice. But you put lots of the same stuff on top, and on their table was a big lazy susan, but for some reason I was thinking it was called a dolly...and I didn't realize it wasn't until later on.  They now all think that it's called a dolly in America ha.  

We went to go see a less active lady and her daughter one morning, but her partner had left and locked the door, and she didn't have a key.  So she's stuck inside and we are stuck outside.  We ended up getting on the mailbox, sitting on the top of her fence, jumping down ( between the wall and the closeline into the flower bed, and then from there to their lawn.  Not so easy in a skirt.  Good thing we are skilled.  

We had interviews with President this week--he wants to have interviews with all the missionaries every transfer...busy busy.  He is literally the best.  I have so much love and respect for him--every time he talks to me  I feel so encouraged and so motivated to do and be better!  

We were giving our neighbor a chapel tour and taking her to do family history on Saturday morning, but when we looked in the baptismal font, it was a we got there early and cleaned the baptismal font...the vacuum at the chapel is so cool!!  It straps onto your back like the machines the Ghost busters use!  I definitely had to take a picture and sing the song while I was cleaning.  "Who you gonna call?!"  No snakes or anything poisonous, just tons of spiders and the exoskeleton of a lizard.  

We also had stake conference this weekend.  It was the BEST.  President Pemberton, our stake president is one of the most loving and humble men I have ever met, and he is sooo funny!  It was all focused on keeping the sabbath day holy.  One speaker said that when the church was struggling in earlier years, the Lord told President Kimball to re-emphasize tithing.  Same thing happened with a re-emphasis on the Book of Mormon, and now the Sabbath Day.  This is what is going to give us the strength to face the craziness of the world today and defend and live our standards. 

The Sabbath day kind of gives us a day like a day on a mission, where you are entirely dedicated to the Lord and His service. Other days we have other commitments like work and school, etc. but on Sunday, if we choose to do so, we can set ourselves apart from the things of the world.  I know tons of people who have served missions and loved the luxury of not worrying about anything else, and we can have that every week on the Sabbath!!  I just realized that right now, and I am super excited about it haha.  There was a hymn we sang in Stake Conference about the Sabbath Day, and it said it is a time we can rest from every care...that is such a great gift Heavenly Father has given us.  

The church is true, Jesus Christ is our Saviour and it is only by staying close to Him and following Him as best we can that we receive immeasurable peace and joy in this life, and can return to our Heavenly Father after this life. 

Anyways, I better go, but I love you all!! Hope you have an amazing week!!!

Sister Formica

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