Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy August!

Kia ora!  I can't believe it's august already!!  Crazy...

We had a wonderful week!  Sister De Vera was feeling a lot better, thanks for all your prayers!  Even though she is not good at taking antibiotics and I told her that is not going to help, it's going to make it worse ha.

So we accidentally proselyted at a's at the top of a hill, and we drove down the hill, but saw a man washing his car and we stopped and went to ask if he needed any help.  We didn't realize how far up the hill we had walked, and it was just a bunch of houses and buildings, and we start talking to this man and realize he is the pastor, who was not very happy to talk to us.  But his son was really kind and explained to us where we were and we had a great conversation with him and actually gave him a Book of Mormon to read!  He also gave us a tour of the grounds and everything.  There is a men's shed there, they are all over Australia I guess, and they are available for men to go if they are having a hard time finding work, or if they are lonely and need company or just need to build something.  It's really cool how it's set up.  Anyways, we were leaving and walked past the sheds, and they are building beautiful things, so we told them so.  Next minute they gave us a tour of the sheds and what they are building and gave us their last slice of cake

This week we found out that it is a really small world...
Met a man on the street who gave up drugs and alcohol addictions for his kids, and his brother is a member in mandurah!

And we met another lady who was just out pruning her trees who was best friends with the daughters of this lady in our ward who is turning 100 on Saturday!  She is soo sweet and really interested in family history and needs a lot of help in her garden :) Two of my favourite things!

Also it turns out this couple in our ward's daughter lives down in Dawesville and Sister Vaha'i and I used to visit them all the time.

We had exchanges on Tuesday and I learned so much from Sister Falter and from the Spirit.  We really focused on listening to the promptings of the spirit and keeping our hearts open to conviction.  Being ready and eager to act when the Spirit prompts us.  I thought I was trying to listen to the spirit before, but when I was really really focusing on it at all times, it was different, and we saw a lot of miracles!

Exchanging back Wednesday night was crazy because we were at our ward mission leader's house for a meeting and he lives about 30 minutes away and we were booking it back to exchange back with the sisters, and we got back just to realize sister falter had the elders' keys and they were stuck at our ward mission leaders house.  The other sisters took the keys to them on their way home, but they were stuck there for a while.

Learning to recognize promptings is a process...and a long one for me.  There were times where we weren't sure so we just did whatever it was anyway, and we would end up parking the car and going to talk to these people and they would walk up to the bus stop and get on right before we get there.  We did that on the way to church, and had to book it back to the car to get to church. But even when nothing happens, you still feel happy and fulfilled because you are trying to do whatever Heavenly Father wants you to.  (When you are driving and feel like you should talk to someone, finding parking is the hardest part...)

Our experiences this week really have strengthened my testimony that the Lord puts people in our paths that He is preparing and has prepared.  The more I strive to listen to the spirit and act, especially when I am unsure if it's a prompting or just my  thoughts, the happier I feel, and the more fulfilment I find each day.  And I have less worries and stress.  Because I can just trust in the Saviour.

I am trying to understand and be on board with Heavenly Father's timing for people.  My timing and desires for them are not so inspired, so I need to seek to recognize what He wants for them at that time and what HE would have us share with them.  I know it's a simple concept, but so often, I let me desires (which aren't bad--usually I want them to progress faster or come to church or do something like that), but He is working with them oh so patiently and I need to learn the same thing. 

Dwayne is doing really well!  He is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!  He's getting to know even more members of the ward and he really takes in everything we share with him.  He has taken in a lot of information pretty quickly, and he is willing.  That's the main thing, he is very humble and willing to keep the commandments.

I love you all!  Hope you have a great week!!  Thanks for your support and emails and prayers!!

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