Monday, November 2, 2015

Busy Busy Busy :)

Hola!  I know it hasn't been too long, but I don't really remember what has happened.

This morning as a zone we went on a hike, and it was BEAUTIFUL!  I love Australia! 

Also I got my package, THANK YOU!!!  So much candy

My birthday was awesome!  Sister Ahlstrom gave me a backrub and breakfast, and the carnival was a lot of fun!  Oh and the night before we carved mini pumpkins. Party! I'll send pictures next week! 

We had 4 kids come to church on Sunday--their grandpa dropped them off and picked them up. Hopefully he'll come next week.  They were so good. The oldest is 11 and the youngest is 5.  We are seeing them and their dad tonight :)

Yesterday we saw a young couple that we had met when we first got to Northam.  They had friends coing over, but we got to sit down with them for a couple minutes and they had so many questions and really were shocked at how we live.  But they said that they needed to start going to church!  Then their friends cae and were a bit crazy, but we'll see them this week.

Meaghan is doing really well too (that's the other less active woman that we met).  She has come to church every week and was at the carnival on Saturday :)

Last month, Sister Tukuafu and I met this lady in town who told us halfway through the conversation that she was a member of the church.  She said she wasn't interested in it at all, but accepted our number and said she'd call us if she ever needed help.  She called last week and we went by and just helped her around the house.  She joined the church years and years ago and fell away because she married someone who wasn't a member.  I don't know what or when it happened, but her attitude changed completely and she came to church this Sunday and bore her testimony even.  She dug up a newspaper article on the church that was really old and really cool and brought it to share with everyone. 
Her hand is hurt, but when it's better, maybe we'll have someone to play the hymns!

I don't remember if I told you this last week, but the Penstones are moving up waaay far away (distance wise as far as Melbourne, but just up North to the middle of who knows where).  I'm super excited for them, but sad for us.  Luckily they leave in January, so they'll be here pretty much the whole time I will be.  So 3 months...good thing Heavenly Father is able to do His own work! 

Anyways, I have to run, but you all are the best!!!  Have a great week.  I love you!!

Sister Formica 

Here's a link to one of our favorite family songs from Sandra Boynton's Philadelphia Chickens album:  titled, Busy, Busy, Busy.  

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