Friday, November 27, 2015


Memories are so funny...I was sitting there thinking what the heck, I don't remember that at all! And then it just came back to me!  LOVED your email!!  We are going to the temple today and the computers at the library were all booked, so we had to dash to the chapel to email super duper quick.  I am happy, healthy and working a lot.  Even though we had such a short time to email, I still read your email instead of printing it and sending one.  It's because I am selfish and I love to hear how you guys are doing and your thoughts/just everything.  I'm working on being more selfless haha so maybe next week I won't read my emails and I'll send you a super good one.  Good thing it's only 4 days till next Monday :) 

It's been a great week!  We had the branch activity, and all of our returning members came and our neighbor Jenny!  And she knew this couple in our branch, so that was fun.  Oscar (the 5 year old) took more pictures, so I'll send them next week.  

(Here are a few from last week.... I assume from Oscar)

Glad you got the letters!  Turns out I left the most recent one out :/ Oh well ha.  What's Rachel's address?  And Aunt Kathy's? And Grandma and Grandpa Chipman and Grandma Formica?  I probably should know it ha.  Oops.  How is Uncle Steve doing??


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