Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 60 (I just made that up, it's probably way off)

Howdy ya'll!!

This week has been soo good!  I think my body is beginning to fall apart knees feel really old and sore from biking and everything.  Is that supposed to happen when you're 21?  Haha, but everything else is great.

We met two incredible girls this week, Makisha and Alice.  They are staying with their grandma for a while, and they have both been through a lot in their lives.  They both have such great faith in Jesus Christ, and really want to follow Him.  They came to church on Sunday with their little cousin and they want to just keep learning and be baptized!!  They are so sweet and we are praying that their example will soften their grandpa's heart and the hearts of the rest of their family.

Luckily on Sunday we had young men and young women from other wards visiting, so they didn't have to come into the adults lesson.  We went with them, and it feels like it has been ages since I've been in young womens.  It was heaps of fun :) 

We did a bit of service this week--helped Schaefen plant his vegetable patch, tear out a brick wall, and more fun stuff.  We went to help this less active clean her house, and the she lives on a crescent street with a park in the middle, so there are a lot of kids hanging out around there.  We biked up and these little boys challenged us to a race.  We made a deal with them that if we won they had to listen to a lesson, and if they won we would give them a candy (lots of Halloween candy).  Well I've found someone more competitive than I am...Sister Ahlstrom demolished these lke 8-9 year olds haha.  Like we were biking, and you know how you stay close to them to make them feel good?  Apparently that is not the Swedish way haha.  It was so funny.  

But I love the kids in this town.  They are pretty friendly and they all know us.  The hard part is remembering names.

I am learning more and more how much power the scriptures have.  They are AMAZING.  And understanding more and more how much I need Christ's atonement. And how much we all need it.  How loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are that they provided a way for us to be forgiven, cleansed from our mistakes, comforted and strengthened in everything we go through, if we but turn to and follow Christ.

Last week we met this man at a potential's house who really didn't seem keen at all.  But we left our phone number with him and told him to call us if he wanted to learn or if he needed any help.  This week we ran into him on the street, and had a really good conversation.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he might call us next week (still not super open).  We prayed for him to have the courage to call us, and two days later he texted and called asking if we could meet with him!  He read over 17 chapters before he called us.  When we came to his house, he'd been drinking a little bit--not much, but still.  (I think his body is pretty used to it though) But he could tell that everything we were saying was true.  The spirit was there and he couldn't deny it.  He wouldn't come to church or agree to be baptized, but he didn't say no to being baptized.  He is such a cool guy, and he's been through so much as well.  I always say that, but everyone has.  Everyday I recognize more and more just how blessed I have been by the gospel and my family choosing to follow it.  We'll keep meeting with him. and he'll get there :) 

I think that I have had more opportunities to actually teach here in Northam than most of my mission combined ha.  It is the best!  And the spirit tells you when someone knows that it is true, but they aren't always willing to act on it.  People have a lot of trouble with commitment here, and that is not the best.  It breaks your heart when you love them so much and want it so badly for them and they just turn away.  But I know that I might not always be there, but the Saviour is.  And He is always leading, and encouraging us.  

The church is true.  There's not a doubt in my mind of that.  The gospel blesses our families in so many ways it is indescribable. And that's just here on earth.  Through the restored gospel, we can be with our families for eternity.  The happiness it brings is something everyone would want if they understood it.  And You can see the difference, and anyone who has any questions about it, find the missionaries.  Or email me :)

I love you all!!  Have an amazing week!!

Sister Formica

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