Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas! Dec 13 and Dec 20 emails.

We get to talk to Sister Formica tonight!!!!  But I need to catch up on her blog first.  Here are the last two weeks.  Sorry no pictures -- she's lost her camera. :)  

It's getting closer and closer and I am so excited!!!!  Whoo!!
Ok so this week I actually took the time to write down some things I wanted to remember and say and then...I forgot the list haha.  I know I am sad.  Some things never change. 
But this really was the best week ever! 
You can work and work and pray and pray and never see the fruits of your efforts, but this week Heavenly Father blessed us with seeing so many changes in people and with an increased understanding of just how much the gospel blesses people.  Literally in every aspect of our lives.  Emotionally, physically, of course spiritually.  In everything. 
We saw a lot of changes and miracles this week.  Which is always nice.
Ross is getting baptized!!!  Sister Hale has now been back to church 4 times plus 2 more activities (ever since we met her, she jumped back into it, even though she was still telling us that she wasn't a church goer haha.   Even after she'd been 2 or 3 times).  And she is the best missionary.  She wants her family to have the peace and relief the gospel has brought to her.  She says it's like she has a light and she doesn't walk around looking down and feeling heavy.  She brought her sister and 5 of their neices and nephews with them to church on Sunday!  There was a special spirit there, even though we had so many children and only a couple rows, so it was stressful because Sister Ahlstrom and I sat with kids all around us so we could help take care of them.  I think we need to come prepared next week with the church kit.  Oh and President and Sister Fife came to the branch on Sunday with their son.  It was so cool to have them there!  I don't know if I told you enough times last week ha, but they are amazing.
The closer it gets to Christmas the harder it gets not to eat candy.  But everytime we want to have an exception, Shogan tells us how hard it will be not to drink on Christmas and boxing day and new years and his birthday.  So fair enough I guess.  But it's a good thing you couldn't find any chocolate advent calendars mum. 
Lots more happened, but we have to go, they are kicking us off the computers early. 


Ok I'm apparently not going to school again, because I can't figure out how to do the ecclesiastical endorsement.  I'm going to take that as a sign from Heavenly Father ;) Haha...Just kidding, I finally figured out my info, so no worries mate.  (Eccleiastical Endorsement is what BYU needs to re-admit someone who stopped going to school to complete a mission. They save your spot, but there is some paperwork involved... ). 

We had an eventful week...lots of activities!  Wednesday we had a Relief Soceity activity, had lunch, decorated ginger bread houses, did some essential oils stuff.  Sister Penstone literally is the best.  We talked to her about having a Christmas activity for everyone to get to know each other better and bond, etc.  And she goes off and does her party planning thing and prepares everything by the time we next meet ha.  I don't know how she does it.  On top of 5 kids and moving and Christmas and everything else.  Superhuman.  Then on Saturday we had a branch BBQ for Christmas, and then we traveled back to Ballajura (where we go to church in Ellenbrook) for a baptism Saturday evening with Shogan.  We had to do so much driving this week.  This means we are going to be on bikes pretty much for the rest of our lives.  No k's left ha.  (They get a certain number of miles per month.  Otherwise, they ride bikes... which Rebecca seems to like, but maybe not in 110 degree weather).  

This is pretty random, but Sister Ahlstrom is really into music and arts and things and yesterday we met this man who used to be a performer and was King Herod in "Jesus Christ Superstar".  He worked with Andrew Lloyd Weber and heaps of other super famous people.  I have never ever heard of this play, am I totally alone in this?  Just curious.

Earlier in the week we went to see this couple who live in Toodyay.  They are the coolest people ever!  And his name is Adam and he is super funny and smart and a bit quirky and I can see Adam being a bit like him when he grows up.  So Adam, you just have to move to Australia and own 5 alpacas.  He has soo many questions about God and religion, and is so eager for answers.

Oh, ok so this man just came into the library and he is very picky about what time he is on the computers, so we have to go.  But I love you all! Sorry for the random as email haha.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Sister Formica

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