Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 WHAT?!

Gott nytt ar!!!!!  Happy New Year in Swedish, but pretend the last o has the two dots over it.  I don't have time to get the swedish keyboard up and I don't know any other way to do it haha.
Busy week (my favourite kind). We've been doing a lot of service helping the Penstones paint bits and pieces of their house as they get it ready to rent out. 
The Penstones are leaving within 2 weeks!  And 3 other people who have been here for a couple months are going back home and going traveling so we are losing a chunk of those who have been active for a long time.  This is going to be a crazy transition.  We aren't sure what's going to happen yet, but I'll keep you updated.  Fun stuff!  Good thing Heavenly Father is in control. 
Sister Ahlstrom is feeling a bit sick again.  The heat really gets to her.  It got up to 45 one day and we were biking everywhere and then it got up to 47 or maybe a bit more (luckily it was pday and we didn't bike around).  So we've been driving and trying to help her manage the heat.  She's really strong (and stubborn haha) and keeps working no matter what.  Don't worry, I asked her permission to tell you that she is stubborn, so she's very humble as well ha :)
Shogan is getting baptized soon!!  Just after the Penstones leave.  He's doing really well and has had some really awesome experiences and insights!  It's been really fun seeing him begin to understand the gospel more, especially our potential and our need for a Saviour. 
One thing that really touched me this week was witnessing a sister in our branch who is really struggling financially (so badly that she often does not have food) paid tithing for the first time this Sunday.  She asked us to go with her to give the envelope to President because she was a bit nervous.  She has been away from church for years and started to come back almost 2 months ago.  She is the only fully aboriginal member that I have ever met.  She has such strong but quiet faith.  I was really grateful for the trust she had in Heavenly Father and the example she was and continues to be for me.
I am grateful for the testimonies and faith of those around me and back home, it really strengthens my testimony of the Saviour, especially to see the service that so many people give out of love for their brothers and sisters and out of love for Him.  THank you all for your examples and love!  Have an amazing week and continue to look for opportunities to serve others and share the gospel!!  Love ya!
Sister Formica

Here's a picture of Sister Formica with their house key!!!  From our computer screen on Christmas eve as we were skyping with her.  They can't get it copied in Northam - too old of a key.  I guess that's why they get locked out so much.  

New Years - Look Not Behind thee:  3 minute video.  Hopeful! 

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