Monday, January 18, 2016

Ice water on my head

We assume this is her zone.  :)  
Hello hello!!

We've had a blessed week--there were ups and downs all week, we were feeling quite discouraged on Saturday night and then on Sunday Heavenly Father just started pouring out blessings.  

Schaefen came to church on Sunday and is much more open and also able to learn more about the gospel!

Church was incredible!!  And Sister Ahlstrom and I sang a musical item after Sunday school, President Massen had everyone come back together and he explained a bit about what was happening and the decision process and how the church is organized for Ross and Schaefen.  He then called our new branch presidency and set them apart.  It was beautiful and the spirit was so strong.  Really confirmed my testimony of the restoration.  I'm sure you've heard about it, but we go for an hour and a half now--short sacrament meeting with 1 speaker, just focus on the sacrament.  And then one big gospel principles class. The focus of the branch is missionary work--building up the Kingdom.  Different, but it will be really good!!

Ross really enjoyed church and he got a lot out of it.  He said it was because he prepared himself Saturday night like we asked him to!  He is doing soo well and his faith and determination are growing every time we see him.

Shogan came to sacrament meeting because he is starting night shift.  He is still moving along, he had so many ups and downs last week it was like the silver bullet roller coaster at 6 flags.  

We drove 4 1/2 hours (there and back) to Merredin on Friday to contact a referral who is searching for the purpose of his life.  When we got to the address there, it turned out to be a motel with 12 rooms.  The reception was closed and we knocked on every single door, but not a single person was there.  Not even like we are home but not answering but like a ghost town.  All the little tiny towns out there are so strange, you just feel surreal going there.  But we met the coolest less active sister there. Been 28 years since she went to church, she was heavily involved before, her husband was branch president and she went out with the missionaries heaps, they just moved to the middle of no where and fell away.  Because she is so far away it will be hard to see her often, but she could so easily come back.  There are some families out there (and a few potentials) and we are thinking if they will all come back we can arrange a car pool ha.  

Sooo many tender mercies this week, especially Sunday.  The Lord's hand is so apparent in this work.  I wish that I had taken my setting apart more literally and really understood the power in it earlier.  It gives you more courage.  We had an investigator telling us that when we are there there is such a special feeling when we come, that it hangs in the air and is just beautiful and that people feel it even if they don't want to listen, and that years down the road they will remember it and grab onto it.  She is so receptive to the spirit and willing to follow Heavenly Father's will.  

This couple came and got on the computer beside me and started whispering to each other about us really loudly.  It was pretty funny, so then they said something about sisters out loud so I looked at them and asked how they were doing and when they were surprised I was like, "Oh sorry, I thought you said my name."  She was so hostile and they started speaking in nunga really fast to each other.  So I'll just keep humming How Firm a Foundation loudly. 

And there is a flavour of blueberry ice cream at the chapel that is to die for.  I'll take a picture of it so someone can check for me and see if we have it in America.  That way I have a few weeks to prepare myself if not. 

We've been able to go help out at the Penstones a bit, they leave Friday!  So more painting this week :)

I LOVE being a missionary.  I love Sister Ahlstrom so much.  She is so strong and funny and this time here in Northam has been incredible.  And I love you all!

Actually I hate her because she just poured ice water on my head...Have a wonderful week!

Sister Formica

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