Monday, January 18, 2016

Can't be bothered thinking of something...

Good morning America!  Oh wait, it was Wake up San Francisco wasn't it?  Oops...

We had a pretty emotional and crazy week.  But it was incredible.  Lots of miracles and lots of growth.

We've done the quit smoking program a couple times this week!  I had to wait until my last transfer to do it, but we get to do it plenty here, so I was excited about that.  And now we are allowed to eat candy, but we are drinking grapefruit juice after every meal haha.

And we have been told 10000000000x to drink more water from every single person we know.  So don't worry, we are being taken care of very well.

This week was pretty much just the norm. missionary stuff. mingled with Sister Ahlstrom not feeling well, but she is getting better slowly.  

We got out to Toodyay and saw the cutest couple who are investigating the church, also met a man who's teenage kids are struggling with some things that he wants us to meet, so we are going back next weekend to meet them.  They have a couple ponies that are so cute!

Also there were crazy storms this week and tons of people lost power for a bit.  It was such a fun storm, tons of thunder and lightening, and some of the roads got flooded.

So yesterday we were teaching a man who knows what he needs to do and wants to, but has to make some pretty heavy sacrifices to join the church.  
In teaching him, I am learning that sacrifice is giving up something (and it may be something good) for something better.  Sacrifice helps you learn so many things.  I have learned, (and will probably have to relearn many time) that opportunity is a synonym for sacrifice for the Lord.  Opportunities for growth and learning, joy in His service, strengthened and new relationships formed, and the development of attributes of charity, patience, etc. Plus even greater rewards to come.  Putting our trust in the Lord is the only intelligent thing to do.

You don't always know what someone is feeling or dealing with, and in a blessing, we were told that we needed to learn to correctly interpret what people say and do and don't say and don't do as a cry for help...and then more.  

I feel like I have gone through the full range of emotions this week (that's how you know it was a good week haha just kidding).  

I learned a lot about the Saviour's Atonement this week.  It has so many aspects and it covers EVERYTHING.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  He not only can cleanse us from sin but He can strengthen and enable us and heal us from painful and sorrowful experiences when we have no clue what to do or how.

Oh also the Sister who paid her tithing last week came with us to visit another member who is working on quitting smoking.  I was amazed by her actions and attitude.  She is so unassuming and in her quiet and simple way she just came in and began serving her and helping her with her kids, etc.  And throughout the lesson she just gave so much encouragement  The gospel is true.  It helps us get rid of the little traits and things we pick up in this life that refines us into who we truly are and who Heavenly Father wants us to become.

And the commandments literally are our safeguard or safety net to living happy, satisfying lives. And give us the abilities to have deep and meaningful relationships.  

Have a wonderful week everyone!!  I am grateful for and love you all!  

Sister Formica

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