Sunday, September 28, 2014

G'day Mate

Ok, sorry for the super cliche subject, I just had to because...I'm in AUSTRALIA!!!! Made it safe and sound. 32 hours later ha. Seriously the longest 2 days ever. Or 3 days? But I made it. And I love it!! It's beautiful and cool, like temperature wise and just cool in general. I am really happy to be here. 

There are a lot less missionaries and it's a lot bigger. I love President and Sister Lindsey soo much already.

We need to buy bikes and bedding, I know we had that all figured out before Tempe, so I should still be good, right? Just figured I'd check. Ok, well I'll send a real email later. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

The mission office sent us these pictures two days after Rebecca emailed us.  It almost looks like they matched up companions by height, at least in Rebecca's case.  :)  

Sister Formica & her trainer Sister Iosua-Fiu

New Missionaries (first row), Trainers (2nd row)

We'll update her address as soon as we know it.  She'll be serving in Ellenbrook, which is 13 miles from Perth. It's a self-sustaining community created about 15 years ago with 30,000 people so far. Looks like there is a ward between Perth and Ellenbrook.  We'll know more when she emails us Tuesday.,_Western_Australia

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