Monday, September 15, 2014

I hate trying to think of a subject...hola

I absolutely love emailing and hate it at the same time. I love reading all of your emails and hate replying haha.

We were at a members house last night for dinner--one of my absolute favorite families, but I do have a lot of favorite families ha. Anyways, they asked for a cool story of something that's happened so far on my mission...and I drew a blank. I couldn't think of any stories to share with them. There are a lot of little things, and there are miracles that we see every day, but they don't make for good stories. Most of the time they are small and simple things. Maybe I just need to be more aware. Oops. Anyways, it was really bad because I just sat there and took forever trying to think of a good story. I ended up sharing one of the daily miracles we had that was a witness to me that Heavenly Father truly loves each one of us and is aware of our needs.

We were doing finding--my favorite thing ha. But the night before we were looking through the list of less active members and decided on a few to go meet and visit. We got to this one apartment and knocked on the door and it was this brother in our ward who bore his testimony like the week before. I don't know why we didn't connect the names, because as we were driving to this apt I was telling sister G "We should have this one member who was interested in missionary work come with us to a lesson sometime.  I think his name is [so AND so], but I'm probably just mixing it up, because that's this less active guy's name we're headed to see".  So we walk up to the door and he answers and we were just really surprised for a second, we just said "oh.  Hi! We've met you before."  Super awkward I know.  But we shared a message with him in the doorway and the whole thing was awkward but he told us afterwards that he had finalized his divorce that same day. Gets even better, because our ward mission leader called us and said that this guy was coming with us to a lesson the next day. And he didn't mention it to us at all. And yeah, I don't know if I explained any if that well, and in hindsight and probably reading it, it's like duh, obviously they are the same person but at the time it was really confusing, take my word for it.

After reading rachs emails and how we basically said all of the same stuff, I thought well sis g has been sick a lot but at least we haven't had to go to the hospital. Guess where we were 2 days later? Yeah...don't worry, she's fine. She was just in pain but she's all good now. We just spent the day at the hospital.

So you know our investigator who's been learning about the church for years and years?  Well we had a lesson with her this last week, and we also had dinner with her 2 times and almost 3 ha. 3 different members invited her over for dinner when we were there. And she's feeding us next week before I leave and we are having another lesson next week. Haha it was just really funny.  She told us last night that she was like a bad penny that we can't get rid of. Other way around really. She's really the main reason I want more time here--she is soo wonderful! But I know HF has a plan for her and for me and I have to trust in it.

I LOVE the sisters we live with. Sis J makes smoothies for me every single night haha. And one night when we were all really stressed we made smoothies and popcorn and watched the short version of Johnny lingo on gospel library and slept in the living room. That's why I suck at writing letters. There's no time.

Oh so this area had a crazy storm that flooded everything. Someone told us it was the most rainfall since the early 1800s. Dad you're probably going to look into that right?  Want to let me know if it's
true?  Everything was flooded, it was crazy. So we had to email from our iPads and it is actually really difficult.

Just so you know.

Sorry I didn't respond to individual emails, I'm really slow on the iPad. But I will soon, I love you all!!!  Have a wonderful week!! Good luck with school and life and everything!



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