Monday, September 22, 2014

Holy cow I'm going to Australia tonight!!!


We are leaving in like an hour to go to the mission home then airport.  This is insane. It doesn't seem real at all!

(Funny thing about flying to Australia ... She leaves on September 22 in the evening, lands in Melbourne on September 24 in the morning, but never actually sees September 23 at all.  I told her it was her chance to have a day without any mistakes!  And on the way home, she gets a "Do-over" day.  How cool is that?  Except she will be traveling - either flying or in airports for 29 hours.  That doesn't seem quite as cool.)

I love Arizona. The people, the sunsets, and the cactuses...cacti? are growing on me. They're still pretty ugly but it's kind of fun to see them now. They're normal.

Photo: Sister-Rebecca Formica and Carla Frick

Ok I'm not going to lie, I'm getting kind of really nervous. Of course I'm excited, but I'm just starting over completely. The unknown is what scares me, but I know it'll be fine and I will love it. I just have to remind myself of that every once in a while. This plane ride is going to be killer.

This weekend was a spiritual overload! Friday we got to go to the Gilbert temple with the departing missionaries, which was amazing! I think I have a new favorite temple. I'm so glad I got to go with them because while we were sitting there I was thinking about the next time I'd be in that situation. I'd be going home in a few days, and it gave me a really good opportunity to think about how I wanted to feel when it was my turn to leave. I just want to do my absolute best and give everything I can for the next 16ish months. But I just love the temple.

And then we had a meeting with the entire mission which was great. Then on Saturday D. Todd Christofferson came and spoke to our mission!! Elder Corbridge of the quorum of the 70 and Bishop Davies of the presiding bishopric both came and spoke to us as well! It was such a powerful meeting. We met them all and they asked everyone where they were from.  Oh and then Sunday evening we went to the mission president's fireside. President and sister Toone both spoke and they had 3 recent converts share their story.

Um sweetest moment of the week, we were visiting this less active lady and her four grand kids were over. Before we left when we asked if we could say a prayer, the lady said sure who wants to say it, asking us, but her little granddaughter (whose parents are both inactive too) raised her hand and said she wanted to but that she didn't know how. So we taught them all how to pray and she did and then she helped her brother and cousin both say prayers. It was hands down my favorite
part of the week. Little kids seriously are so pure and so humble and loving.

Sis G is staying in Ahwatukee for another transfer. She's been here for 7 months already...her entire mission. But she'll be able to keep working with our investigators, friends and everyone else that I love.

Holy cow I'm going to Australia. It doesn't seem real. I'm going back and forth between extreme nervousness and extreme excitement.

Basically 3/4 of our zone got transferred. Not that you really care about that haha.
I'm slightly bummed to go from one summer to another summer, I just want a tiny bit of fall. Which  is good because a hint of fall is all that Arizona, California and Australia get.

Um I love you all! You're the best! Have an absolutely wonderful week!

Sister Formica

(Her mission president told her to call us before she left.  I guess he said he doesn't want anyone missing a flight because of talking with loved ones at the airport - makes sense.  So ... last night about 9:45 pm we got a surprise phone call!  It was so fun to hear her voice.  I think hearing it made me miss her even more, but it was totally worth it!  She sounds happy.  Sounds like she's had a few battles with mosquitos.  They've always found her to be sweet).    

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