Monday, September 8, 2014

Subject lines are over-rated (or under-read)

Ok so 3/4 of the way through Mom's email I realized that a) I don't ever actually read the subject lines, which is can you miss them?  and b) I should read the subject lines haha.  Oops.

I absolutely love reading your emails but I never know what to say ha...Not too much happened that I think you would be interested in.

Oh wait, just kidding.  I got my visa!  President Toone called when we were in a lesson and so we couldn't answer but we just knew that's what it was.  We're not really important enough for him to call us for anything else haha.  I was actually really sad when I first got the news, but I've been praying really hard to be ready when I needed to leave, and I know I will be. I'm here for the rest of the transfer, we fly out on Monday the 22nd at like 5 pm I think.  President said you'd get some emails about it.  Sister Vea and Sis Jardine and I are all going at the same time, thank goodness!!!  I love them so much, and I would not want to fly all the way to Australia by myself.  We fly to LA then to Melbourne and then PERTH!!  It still doesn't feel real though.  I'm pretty sure I said this last week-but then I never remember what I already told you or what I just thought I told you and so all of my emails are probably exactly the same!  (Pretty sure I did say that last week though...oh well)--but I LOVE the people here.  And I don't like the idea of leaving them, but I know I better get used to it, because it'll happen a lot.  Leaving the area just seems a little different to me than leaving the know?  But I'm getting more excited to go, I know that it will be great. But yeah, I'll get more details to you guys when we learn them.

Other than that, it was a pretty slow week, I don't have any crazy stories or anything really funny to share (I have NO clue how Addison's emails were always so entertaining and how the craziest stuff happened to her.)  Sorry I didn't have to do any nasty cleaning projects or get bit by a racoon...Oh, I did almost pass out, but it wasn't a big deal haha.  I'm fine, I probably just didn't drink enough water that day or something.  It kind of reminded me of when I was giving a talk and almost passed out.  We were on exchanges again and Sister Jensen and I were teaching this man in his doorway and I was testifying of something--no clue what ha, but I just couldn't see or hear anything but I think I kept talking and just leaned on Sister Jensen for a second.  When I stopped they both got concerned because I was so white. we ended and everything and I went and just sat down in his front yard haha. It was really weird, but I was fine after a minute.  

Um Sister G was sick most of the week, poor thing.  It was really sad.  So we were inside most of the time, but we did go on exchanges one day, and again it was so much fun!  I love biking and being around people and being able to stop and talk to them whenever.  We met the coolest people, and had some really fun conversations.  One guy who was probably in his 20s and he actually has several friends who are on missions right now.  He was just about the happiest person I've met here.  

Oh last week I almost killed my companion!  Just kidding, it wouldn't have been that bad.  But we were at weekly planning meeting and she was feeling dizzy so I said she might need to eat something, so I offered part of my granola bar (because of course I had food.)  Idk if I told you, but she's allergic to almonds and pork.  Clearly no pork in the granola bar, but she asked if it had almonds and I said I didn't think so but I'd check.  Well she didn't wait for me to check but thought it would be fine and popped it in.  I'm looking at the back of the wrapper and it says in big bold letters that it contains almonds haha.  So I start yelling "Spit it out!  Spit it out!"  And yeah our zone maybe was staring at us just a little bit.  If I told you that story already, sorry!  

Thank you Sister G for taking and posting pictures!!!
Checking the mail in the rain!  :)
We had a crazy storm here as well!  It was one of the days that Sister G was sick, so we were at home, but she is from Washington and LOVES the rain, so we went and checked the mail in it.  It was so much fun!  And last night we kept getting flash flood warnings which was exciting. The rain stopped when we got outside this morning, but there are a few trees down and the streets are a little flooded.  Mom, I totally agree, I love thunder and lightning!  It's so exciting!  They have dust storms here that are pretty weird looking but I haven't been here for a really bad one, and I don't think I will be.  I've got 2 weeks left.  Holy cow, I have no idea where my first transfer went. 

I leave the Saturday after a big mission conference and after our investigator gets baptized!!!  He isn't doing so well physically, so keep him in your prayers.  You know how he told us which day he wanted to be baptized?  Well he gets treatments on Fridays and it really wipes him out for the whole weekend.  So we'll see how he's feeling. Also we have a lot of the lessons to get through and he is super busy with work and he's sick the rest of the time, so this will be an interesting week. 

We are teaching another lady who has a hard time with the Book of Mormon, but she comes to everything and calls herself a dry Mormon.  She is one of my favorite people ever.  She's reading the Book of Mormon highlighting everytime it talks about Christ or the atonement, and she's really excited about it.  She's read Jesus the Christ and she loved it, but she just has a hard time getting into the Book of Mormon.  Which is maybe just slightly important ha.  But she's making a lot of progress.  

Mom I loved reading some of rachel's old emails!  I was thinking that I wished I could read her old emails all week actually ha.  Can you send me the one about the bridge and the sunset?  If it's too hard to find don't worry about it.  (I was reflecting on how Rebecca's emails were a LOT like Rachel's at the beginning of her mission ... so I sent her some.  My questions must be the same too, since Rachel's answers fit what I'm asking Rebecca.  So much so that Rebecca chose just to copy Rachel's responses .... as you can read below).  

But I just copied and pasted these because it's seriously exactly what I would say - ha.  

"what picture are you using for the plaque?? and ya just pick one [a scripture] for me I really don't care. there are too many good ones to choose !! D&C 11:21?? and "ya just make up stories there aren't too many good ones [for the blog] ha and they all blend together in my mind!"
"I had some pics I wanted to send but I forgot my camera so I will send them next week."
"So much has happened but then at the same time nothing at all.... The days blend together. and I can't remember what I have already told you guys and what I haven't. "

But really I'll try to send you a picture next week for the plaque and a scripture.  Love you all sooo much!!!!  

I was just htinking this morning why do we expect great things to come immediately without any work?  With everything, we have to do our part first and show Heavenly Father that it's important to us, we can't just expect things right away.  That's a huge problem these days, we can get so many things instantly, that we forget that we need to work for things.  Patience truly is a Christlike attribute.  Have a wonderful week!

this week flew by soo quickly but felt so long at the same time...that makes absolutely no sense but I don't know how else to describe it.     

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