Friday, February 27, 2015

New Zealand Mussels

Man, I am the luckiest missionary ever.  I literally get the best emails from all of you and I am so grateful for you and your experiences and wisdom!

This week was good--really fast though.  This transfer sped by!
Golden Bay ... in 2006 Census it had a population of 1873.  

 Met these people who were typical Aussies--don't believe in God really, and haven't really thought about any of it and don't really want to, but we kept talking to them for a bit and learned that they just got back from the Philippines.  We talked about how humble they are and how they are so happy despite their poverty.  We shared that they are focused on what is truly important, and they are grateful to God for what He has given them, and that is what brings happiness.  They agreed, and they told us that their friend is coming from the Philippines to stay with them for a bit, and he is really religious.  We asked if we could come back when he was there to talk to him; they agreed and are going to let us know when he gets there.   
When they found out that we aren't allowed to go swimming, they said that we should just put on our swimsuits and go find people to teach in the water ha.  Seriously tempting...just kidding.  It was such a funny conversation, but they are awesome!  They gave us mini cans of Fanta for the road. 

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I ate raw New Zealand mussels this week!  Or I guess I ate a raw New Zealand was awful.  You know how Sea World stinks like salt and fish and it's just bad?   It tasted like that.  Then they cooked them for us, and it was a lot better.  Still too fishy for me, but I could eat them. Sister Parks almost threw up the cooked one...their kids were all chanting "eat it, eat it!"  and they were just laughing at us. 

We went to this member's home and it is literally right on the water!  They have dolphins and kangaroos in their backyard--the kangas are on an island right by their house.  Mean hey?  And she is from Huntington Beach!  They lived in Long Beach for a while too!  Coolest house ever.  I am coming back and staying there...just a heads up. 

This is kinda a funky email, sorry!  But I love you all and I really just want to let you know how grateful I am for the gospel.  I know that it is true, and I really can't express how much I love it.  And how incredible the Atonement is.  The fact that we can be forgiven and become clean from our sins and our weaknesses can become strengths is so wonderful and brings so much joy!   

my computer is about to shut off, but have a great week! 

Sister Formica

Ps I just looked up and there's this quote on the library wall..."Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.  Inside a dog it's too dark to read." Dry haha.  Share that one with Adam for me.

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