Monday, March 9, 2015

Pictures!! 2 March 2015

Holy smokes it's MARCH!!!  I know I say this like every week, but I have never felt time go faster in my whole 20 years on this earth.

Since yesterday was a holiday (I never remember when labor day is until it comes ha) pday is today!  Obviously.

This week....hmm...
We had district inventory at our last district meeting...opened it up to say things we liked and things we can improve on.  I realized that it is the best asking others what they think you can work's not one of my greatest strengths ha.  But when things are suggested with love, you can take that suggestion and
use it to change and become better.  It doesn't mean you are a failure or you aren't good enough, or that the people suggesting it don't like you (they might not, but oh well).  But receiving advice from others can always benefit you, doesn't matter how it's given--if you have a spirit of humility and truly are seeking to become a better companion, person, teacher, anything.  It was actually a lot of fun!  There's a moment when you just sit there uncomfortably waiting for someone to say something, but as soon as they start talking it's fine.  Then the next morning, our ward mission leader had a companionship study session with all 6 of was a strange idea but good as well haha.

Clinton is getting baptized on April 18th!!  (I think I've told you about Clinton before...if not let me know ha).  He has such a strong desire to change.  I am so excited for him :) His mom and his daughter both are not really active, but his mom is coming back to church and brings him with her. 
So on Tuesday we were talking with one of our investigators--who actually ended up saying they didn't have time or a desire to learn more right now--but as we were walking away, there were a couple people outside at the house across the street.  We walked past them, but felt like we should go back and talk to them.  When we did, a couple people booked it inside, but a few stayed outside to talk to us.  As we are talking to this man and little boy, a woman leans out the window and asks if we are the Mormons...we told her we were, and she explained that her kids are Mormon because of their dad, but she has a different religion.  She told us we probably should go away, but then whispered that we should come back tomorrow at 2...that another lady wasn't happy that we were there. 

When we went back the next day, the other lady was still home actually...she talked to us for a while.  She is fine with us sharing messages, but just not trying to hound her or baptize her.  She has gone through some really hard things lately, and really needs comfort and really needs the gospel.  And we met the kids who actually go to a different ward with their dad. They are so cute and so friendly!  Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways to prepare people for the gospel. 

We had new beginnings too!  It was cute--they do it a little differently here, I don't know how to explain it though.

We got a new phone this week!  Still a brick, but it's new! 

Quite Windy in Golden Bay. 

I almost crashed my bike this week!  It was late and super windy and it was just a weird night...we were on our way home and we wanted to get inside as soon as possible, and so I'm biking quickly, and I looked behind me to check for Sister Parks, and she was super far I slammed on my brakes and I slid off my seat and almost fell over my bike.  A picture of grace right?  Anyways, fast forward to the next morning and I have a couple really legit bruises on my legs.  Battle scars. 

Ok I put a bunch of pictures on dropbox...
Sister Formica catching a wave ... 

My brown shoes are falling apart.  But they are by far my favourite, and since the rip is along the side you can't see it that well, so I still wear them :)

I love this gospel!  I love being a missionary, and I love you all!!!  You are my favourite people ever.  Have a wonderful week!  Be safe, be smart, and have fun!


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