Monday, March 23, 2015

I reckon it's been a sweet as week

Sister Formica and her new companion!
Sorry about the subject line, I know I'm an egg...I was just trying to use some of the  vocab everyone here uses because I never do when I email ha.  One of my favorite words right now is "keen?"

(I wonder if she knows that "I'm an egg" is an Australian phrase as well?  I found pictures she downloaded to dropbox last week.  I'm grateful her new companion likes to take pictures!  Looks like we'll get more of them for a while.  Yay!)

Formicas attempt at a selfie for Dad's B-day
 Hahaha thanks for the pictures...guess I'm not the only one in our family who struggles with selfies.  I love our family, you guys are the best!

Anyways, Malolelei!  (Sister Vaha'i is trying to teach me Tongan!)  Hope you all had a great week.

It's been a really good week here!  I feel like I say that every time, but every week is a good week!  And even when hard things happened during the week, by Monday I've forgotten about them, or they don't seem as bad ha. 

I feel like I really learned a lot this week, or gained a better perspective.  I feel much more calm, and we are taking one step at a time.  I wanted everything to start happening at once, but I know that nothing works that way--in missionary work or in life.  I feel like Heavenly Father has helped us prioritize as we work with the ward council, we have been able to figure out which people we need to see first, and just  steadily work our way through.  I know diligence and patience are key, and I am working on developing greater diligence and patience this transfer.  And we may not be able to do everything, but we can do our best in serving our Heavenly Father.  

We won't have to move this transfer at least, because our lease isn't up yet, but Elder and Sister Sunderland, our housing coordinators said that if someone buys the place, we will move as soon as we find a place, so it's a possibility still.

Oh, one exciting thing this week, we came home one night and our door was wide open.  We totally thought we had shut and locked it, and Sister Vaha'i was totally freaked out. (Yup, I was completely calm ha). Oh, also that morning one of our neighbors said she saw a man kinda poking around being mysterious by our fence.  But we figured we would go ask our neighbors if they had seen anything, but no one was answering and it was really dark and weird.  But we were soo hungry so we decided just to go in and check the apartment.  No one was there and all our stuff was there, not that we have anything valuable anyway.  So we're good!  I just realized that that story does not sound intense at all...but it was in the moment haha.  

We also had specialized training this week.  Have you heard about the #BecauseHeLives initiative?  It's similar to the He is the Gift one that came out at Christmas time.  Apparently on April 5th, all of the advertisements on youtube will be from the church (in certain countries, not here).  But how cool is that?!  Look it up for me ok?  Ask the missionaries for the pass along cards that talk about it, and share it on fb and everything!  Keen?

Because He Lives -- Here's where you can see it March 28

We met the most sweet woman and her son this week!  She home schools him, and they went traveling all over, just finding beaches to park at for a while.  She has such strong faith in Christ.  When we started talking to her, she was like, "I love him!"  I love teaching people the gospel!  It brings so much joy and so much purpose into my life! 

I love you all!  You are the best examples to me!  Hope you have a great week!

Sister Formica

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