Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All about a train... literally

Hey guys!  Quick one today, Sister De Vera has been sick for a couple days so she slept all morning, and we didn't get to the library til late as.  Pray for her yeah? Thanks!
We had a good week, but Sister De Vera's been sick a lot.  It stinks being sick as a missionary (it actually stinks to be sick in general, except when you are in elementary school and you get to stay home from school ha).  She's tough and felt better and we went out for a couple days, but then it came back even worse.  I'm a terrible companion.  If they feel up to going out I am totally fine with that, I probably should make her stay home until she is better.  I'll try to be more selfless ha.  

On Saturday we were able to go to the baptism of one of Sister De Vera's investigators up north in Clarkson!  We took the train up there, which was great!  That's the first time I've ridden a train in Australia.  We were heading to the station after our appt, but it's on a bridge right next to the freeway and so we were trying to find a place to park and had to cross the bridge a couple times.  By the time we finally found a place and parked, we had like 3 or 4 minutes until the train was supposed to leave so we grabbed all our stuff and sprinted to the station.  They have machines to buy the tickets, and we were in such a rush that we weren't thinking clearly.  They don't accept credit cards, and with american debit cards over here you have to push credit.  They also wouldn't accept a 20, which was the only cash we (and the people around us) had...so we missed the train we were supposed to go on.  The next one came in like 10 minutes, which gave us enough time to think, buy the tickets together (didn't see that option earlier haha) so that it would accept a 20, and talk to a couple of the people there.  Trains are the coolest place to talk to people!!  We had some really good conversations on the way there and back.  On the way back, these teenagers sitting across from us laughed a little and kept looking at us and finally one asked who we were.  Turns out this girl had gone to church with her friend before!  The train we were on had a bunch of technical difficulties so the power went out and then they pulled over and we all had to get off and jump on another train.  It was pretty exciting.  And then we were talking to people and almost missed our stop and had to jump off as the doors were closing (There was a footie game so it was super duper crowded too).

We had a couple blonde moments this week, but I have to run, sorry all I wrote about was the train haha.  I wasn't joking in the subject line.  Gotta go!  Read the scriptures, say your prayers, listen to the prophet, go to church, all that good stuff.  I love this gospel and being a missionary!  Love ya'll!  Have a great week!

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