Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lots of love and a little bit of news from WA

This week was good but pretty strange.  We had to spend a lot of time in the flat because Sister De Vera has been sick.  We went to the Dr. on Wednesday and it turns out she has bronchitis.  Sister Fife told her she has to rest a lot, and when we do go out she has no energy and gets tired really quickly, so please keep her in your prayers!  She needs to get better and we need to get outside.  Oh and it was this week that our new heater also decided to break, so that's been fun ha.  

We had a couple highlights though.  On Wednesday, the family whose son got baptised up in Sister De Vera's old area went to the temple, so we got to go with them!!  The temple is such a beautiful and peaceful place, and no matter what you're worried or stressed about, it goes away when you get there.  They loved the temple!  The mum was baptized about 2 months ago, and the son who got baptized this last weekend both went for the first time, and the best part was seeing how much they enjoyed being there.  When we were leaving, the son just waited around inside for a while and said he didn't want to leave.  
Perth Australia Temple
Then, on Friday, we had zone conference.  President Fife is literally the best!  He is so funny but so bold and you learn sooo much from him.  

On our way home from zone conference, we felt impressed to stop by this member's home.  She lives on her own and has MS really severely.  She has been adjusting her medication and has been having an especially rough last couple of weeks, and so when we went by we were able to help her out with a couple things.  We made her dinner and had dinner with her, and we learned something that is sooo cool that everyone else is probably already aware of: You can get a digital copy of your patriarchal blessing!!!  And you can request your ancestor's blessings too!!  Who knew?!  That is legit and I am so doing it when I go home.  This lady has the most amazing story.  For most of her life she didn't believe in God or in Christ and had nothing to do with religion.  Raised 2 kids and lots of foster kids with morals and values, but nothing to do with God.  She grew up in Tasmania, and she has had bouts of MS since she was 21, I can't remember what it's called, but it comes and goes and gradually gets worse.  For a time in her 50s, she couldn't move or do anything really.  There was a man took care of her during that time.  He was Christian and they used to discuss things and he used to read the Bible to her.  She began to believe in Christ and understand more of what he's done for her.    After a while, she was able to do more things on her own again (I can't remember part of the story) but she moved from Tasmania to Australia and was going to a church here, when two mormon missionaries knocked on her door.  She was telling us what she used to think Mormons were, and how far off her perception was haha.  They taught her about the restoration and the gospel and she joined the church about 5 years ago in Rockingham (which is down south a bit).  She moved up to Como ward, and the dedication she has is amazing.  She has someone come help her get dressed in the morning, then rides her wheelchair to the train station, and then takes the train station up a bit closer to the chapel and then rides her wheelchair there.  It takes her a long time to get there, and she is always early.  We saw her riding to church yesterday and wished so badly that we could give her a ride, but she got there and she was so cheerful when she got there.  She has had family issues, friends leave her, severe health challenges, among other trials, but she has such strong faith.  She knows what is true and is dedicated to keeping the promises she made Heavenly Father.  I learn so much every time we see her.

Wow, that was really long...sorry guys, and I didn't even do her story justice.  I learn so much from every person we meet.  That's one of my favourite things about a mission.  

Dwayne is doing really well!!  He went to a baptism this week and really enjoyed it.  He got a bit confused because the woman's hand kept sticking out of the water so they had to do it 3 times, and he thought that he would have to get baptized 3 times, and we had to explain to him a couple times that you only get baptized once but have to go fully under the water ha.

Most interesting thing I tried this week:
Sheep liver.  It's an Iranian traditional cure and you eat that and drink orange juice.  Someone made it for Sister De Vera, and I tried it as well...the taste is fine, but the texture is what gets me.  You lean over the pot and breathe in the steam and open your eyes as wide as you can because it's supposed to be good for your eyes too.  

Literally a mission is the best opportunity.  It's such a luxury being able to take time out to focus on the gospel.  I love being here!  Thank you all for your support and for being the best.  Have an incredible week!

Sister Formica

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