Monday, September 7, 2015

Big Changes!

We had a really amazing week--but then again, they all are.  Especially in hindsight.  Best part about not writing in your journal is not remembering the trials of the week, so you look at everything with rose coloured lenses ha.  No I know that it's bad not to write and I am working on it. Turning over a new leaf this next transfer!  Keep me accountable please!  

There was a lot of big news this week and we have some big changes coming up.  
We just found out that our ward mission leader is moving to France in a couple weeks, and we have no ward mission plan, no elders quorum president, a mia young mens president (3 month holiday), brand spanking new young women president and pretty new relief society president and pretty new ysa rep.  Silver Lining: While it might take a little while to get on their feet, they'll have energy and new ideas.  

But that'll be another sister's job to handle, because Sister De Vera and I are both getting transferred.  Crazy hey?  She is going down South to Bunbury, which is gorgeous.  And I am going to open a new area in Northam.  Apparently it's a really small town--our friend at the library just told me it's the beginning of the outback--probably about 300 ks away on the other side of the Jarra forest (who knows what that is).  I'm going with Sister Tukuafu and it's her last transfer.  It's a branch there, so that'll be interesting and fun!  I'm really excited, but it's always bitter sweet, because I feel like I've made another family here and I hate saying goodbye!  

Mum: last Sunday we did have a missionary moment, but I thought we were going to be shot for taking time from the lesson...even though we had talked to the relief society president and figured it all out ahead of time.  So our ward mission leader came in this week to explain why we do it, etc. and he did such a great job and really invited the spirit, and then he still got the new sister's will just have to persevere with it, because it really will be good.  They've had some amazing moments to share so far.

We had a service activity with a woman who is so sweet!  We arranged/organized their outdoor furniture because their house flooded and they had to take everything out and they are pretty old.  Their son-in-law came out and talked to us for a bit--he was interested in the history of the church, not really the gospel, but knows a bit.  He was also interested in Hemet and went and researched the origin of the name.  He said it was Danish or Swedish or something like that, but I can't remember anything else he said.  What's the population of Hemet?  Just curious.  I probably should know but I have no clue and I feel a tad dumb when people ask and I can't tell them.  

I don't remember if we told you about the artist that we met, but we gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet, and he hasn't read it, so we asked him to paint a picture of it for us so that we can teach it to him ha.  He is a really spiritual guy and has great faith, and he and Dwayne get along really well, so we are excited about that.

Anyways, Dwayne is doing really well!  He looks so happy!  He got the priesthood on Sunday!!  After a lesson with him, Sister De Vera and I were discussing that he looks brighter or something...something looks different.  We had him come to a lesson with one of our other investigators, and he did such a good job!  He's a man of few words, but we felt so proud of him!  

We had breakfast with this Iranian family who joined the church last year (well the parents did, the daughter didn't) and while we were sharing a message with them, their 17 year old daughter who isn't a member came out and asked if she could go with us for the day--even on bikes.  We love her!  But then her friend came over so that was put on hold, and we had been planning on going to visit an Iranian sister with them that day anyway but we had to move it to the night time, so we came back in the evening, thinking that we would leave our bikes there and drive with them, but we got there and they had 3 bikes out--so the mum, daughter and her friend who live across the street were all going to come with us to visit this sister.  Good thing it was close, because it took us ages to get there.  They were so cute though.  We had a good visit with the other sister--our main goal was to introduce them so they could become friends and she would feel more comfortable coming to church.  The two girls who weren't members seemed like they had a lot of fun. The ride there and back was the most comical thing I've seen--I kind of felt like a mother duck the whole time with this strand of people following me.  The daughter kept getting frustrated with her bike and getting off and running with it, so we would do it with her and it was so much fun.  We are hoping to get her and her friend involved in young women's activities. 

Oh and earlier that day we were contacting this man, and after we said goodbye, I turned and walked straight into a tree and yelled "WOW!!!" super loudly.  He thought I was a bit crazy but Sister De Vera and I were just cracking up.  It was awkward as.  I swear there wasn't a tree there when we first walked up...

Bit of a random email--all over the place, but that's how my brain is right now :) 

I have to go, lots to do, but I love you all!!!  Thanks for your emails!  Have a wonderful week!!!  Enjoy every moment.

Sister Formica

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