Saturday, August 2, 2014

First Pday

I can't really describe the MTC, it's weird, but then good and hard, but I'm not sure why it's that hard!  I feel like it shouldn't be that bad.  My Branch president used an analogy to describe the MTC that was pretty accurate though.  He said it's like you're buying a new computer.  The first few days all you are doing is downloading the programs and getting what you need to make the computer work.  And it takes a while for you to get used to it.  I figured you'd understand it mom because you hate doing stuff like that--getting it set up and downloading, downloading, etc. Getting all the programs and everything you need to work.  OK I just read through that and I did not explain it well...oh well.  You and dad went through it, you understand.  

We start teaching our investigator today, well really tomorrow but that's just because we signed up for tomorrow ha.  Our investigators name is Alex.  OK the computer is going crazy now... I think the hardest thing is that I keep forgetting to call my roommates sisters.  The four of us are always together, I mean always.  And there are two of us who cannot remember not to say guys. We are kinda doing the flip thing from the best two years except I feel like if I actually punch her she will cry* or something so we aren't really doing it, hopefully we'll just learn fast.   (*not much like Rebecca in the punching category). 
Our district is kinda funny, we were singing in the morning and it sounded soo bad haha.  I was trying not to laugh. The guys don't really sing.  They are pretty quiet in general, we are going to try to get to know them better, and I think it will be a lot more fun after that.  One of our sisters laughs constantly.  Like all the time ha, it's great.   

Oh fun fact we are in a zone with the ASL district!  So that's pretty fun.  I haven't signed with them much,but I just thought that was fun.  

Yesterday I managed to lose my card twice.  And it's the key to like EVERYTHING.  Not kidding, it gets you in every single door in the MTC, it gets you in the gym and gets you food and you can use it at the bookstore and probably 10 other things.  But it won't happen again.  

I decided that I can't be shy, if there's something that needs to be done I just need to volunteer and do it.  Our district is all pretty quiet and shy, and there's only one of us who really plays the piano (or at least one who will admit it haha.  I am not counting myself as skilled enough because...I'm not ha).  But yeah, the more I do things and practice the more comfortable I will be, and the more effective I will be able to be in the field.  

I love what we are learning about here though!  It is hard, but it's all good!  I will become better at teaching!  Slowly, but eventually haha.  I love this gospel!!  It is wonderful!!  It brings so much happiness, and that is what I have to keep reminding myself.  That is why I am here.  I am beyond grateful for the Holy Ghost and his role in teaching!!  It's so comforting that we can have the spirit with us while we teach.  
Oh, my companion is sweet.  She's tongan, and she is soo patient and funny and I like her!  We think very differently when it comes to teaching, but that's good because as long as we plan well and have the spirit it will bring more perspective to the lesson!  One of my roommates is amazing. She has 13 siblings and she is one of 2 members in her family and she has gone through some hard stuff, but she has such a strong testimony.  My goal is to learn something from everyone I meet.  I know there is something I can learn from everyone.

Ahh I know there are tons of things I am forgetting to tell you, but oh well.  I know it really doesn't matter.  I love you all so much!!!  Read this to dad or something, and tell him I'll send him an email next week when I get one!  JUst kidding, I just figured you can all share.  Love you all sooo much!!  

I TOLD you my emails would be boring, sorry!  (She doesn't know that everything coming from her, especially during her first few months, is treasured.)    

Sister Formica

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