Tuesday, August 26, 2014

bike, rain, skirt, and slick shoes...risky business

I am beyond jealous of the storms there!!!  We haven't really had any here, and this place is supposed to have CRAZY storms!  I am a storm killer apparently.  Great...

Oh, I guess we kind of had a storm on Thursday.  It was the greatest day!  It was a little sad because Sis G. was sick and couldn't go out, but then another Sister was sick too, so I went with her companion to their area for the day.  We got to bike and it was so much fun!  It turns out that I am not too stable biking in a skirt with dumb slippery shoes in the wind and rain, but I didn't crash at all!  I came close a few times though haha.  That just made it more exciting.  We crossed the street and got back on our bikes and (by the way, getting started is the hardest part of biking) so when we were starting off we were going down a hill and I was right next to this wall and I kept almost falling over so I just kept pushing off of the wall kind of pushing myself down the hill....I really did not describe that well.  But it was probably hilarious to watch.  Ok never mind, just ignore that.

But we got to teach some really cool people.  We met this man who has studied other religions and is searching for the truth.  he told us his dilemma was that he didn't know what was right and he didn't know which church to join.  Perfect segway into the restoration?  Um yes.  It was such cool lesson.  We were just standing in his doorway but it really was powerful lesson.   

We talked to a lady on the street who does research for a bible ministry or something like that.  She gave us all of her information and said we could come over, but I can't go to that one either ha.  I think she intends on helping us out and helping us to see the truth.  :)

Another man we're teaching called us and said he had something important to tell us, then proceeded to say that he had a dream and the date sept. 20th kept coming up and he couldn't get it out of his mind, and he thinks that is the day he should be baptized.  He is facing a TON of adversity right now, and more things keep hitting him--He just found out this weekend that he has cancer.  It is an incredibly difficult time for him.  If you could pray for him I would really appreciate it.

I know that it will be ok.  When we turn to the Savior, we truly can do all things and endure all things and find comfort and peace despite our trials.  I'm also so grateful for the way that members of the ward have supported and truly embraced him so that he knows that there are people who care for him as he goes through his challenges.  

We get to go on a hike with an investigator!  Sister G is patient and great!!  It turns out this lady works for a member of the 70.  He told her like a year ago that she would regret not converting sooner. After that she had a baptismal date, but then ended up backing out again.  But she still comes to church and she was there on Sunday!  

I'm so happy to be serving here (In Phoenix).  I'm kind of scared to find out about my visa...I almost don't want any information haha.  I'll be glad to go to Australia, but I don't feel ready to leave here yet.  I feel like there are people here I can hopefully help (or invite closer to the Savior so that He can actually help them ha). 

Addison's talk sounds great!!!  Wow.  Have fun with all that celebrating! (Our Anniversary and my birthday).  

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!  Have a great week!

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