Friday, August 1, 2014


If something's in blue, it's Mom commentary.... in this case because Rebecca ran out of time and didn't title it.  She asked me to finish up this post or delete it, and I figured you'd rather read it than read nothing, even three days late).  

Well I don't know where the time went, but it went somewhere, and fast.  I'm leaving tomorrow to the Provo Missionary Training Center, and then on to Australia!  I feel like I have so much to do still!

Packing for a year and a half is no joke.  I struggle with packing for a week, so this is kind of a nightmare haha.  I guess no matter what is inside my suitcase, I'll be gone tomorrow at 3 in the morning, so I better just throw it all in.

It's the pheasant that freaks out that gets shot.  I feel like the pheasant that is freaking out currently.
(Ashlyn's mom told me once how she remembers to always stay calm ... in Bambi, when the pheasants are hiding from the hunters and hear them getting closer, the pheasant that panicked flew up and got shot... why?  Because she panicked.  Luckily Becca didn't fly up and get shot.  She stayed calm enough to finish packing at 2:30 am and get 30 minutes of sleep.)

I am so grateful for the opportunity to go

My mom will be updating this blog with my emails every week.  When Rachel left she told everyone to be patient with my mom, but I can't say the this point she knows way more than me about blogging. Thanks Mom!

People keep asking, "Are you just so excited?"  Yes absolutely!!  But also no.  I have been bouncing back and forth between extremely excited and incredibly nervous so much that I almost feel like I have multiple personalities.  Just kidding, but at this point I feel calm and absolutely ready to go!

Over the last two years I discovered that I am the worst at emailing missionary friends.  (Sorry guys!  When you get back I' you all ice cream ha.  Idk probably not, but I am really sorry).  But I'm going to be a hypocrite and say that I would LOVE emails from everyone!  And I'll try my best to be better at the other side of the it.

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"Hooroo"!  Australian slang for good-bye or see you later.  Sometimes said with the h silent, sometimes not.   

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