Saturday, August 9, 2014

Off to Tempe

Mom's note:  Short emails this week - but I decided to piece them together to share.  We missed Rebecca's first Pday last week - it caught us by surprise, so to make up for it, we sent an email from Dear elder, we each sent her a letter, and we sent a package with some papers she wanted and zucchini bread.  We thought maybe we sent too much.  This was her response...  
You didn't overdo it, it was great haha.  I LOVED the package and the letters and you all are just amazing!!  I got it last night.  Please tell me you read adams letter thing ever.  I will definitely write him back.

The week before she left, when we couldn't find Rebecca,
she was usually on the roof reading the Book of Mormon.
Sunsets, reading, and the gospel - can't get better than that. 

Dad, you'll be glad to know that my comp lives by the saying "when you're on time you're late, when you're early you're on time haha.  We have been going to sleep a little later than we are supposed to, which we are working really hard on!  There's just no time.  We come home from teaching and have to jump into bed (ok there's a little time, but not enough) but we have stuff to do still.  But that's a goal we are working on, to be exactly on time. 

(In my email, I asked her whether she gets to play sports during exercise)  
I played vball once but it was bad, so I'm sticking to other things so I don't get frustrated or too competitive haha.  We play speed/bump/there are a million different names for it, and four square and frisbee and what not.  It's been fine, I'm glad to be able to get out and have fun, and learn to just have fun with it ha. 

Oh by the way, my visa is not in, sooo I am going to Tempe AZ for a transfer to wait for my visa and sis vea is too!!  So that'll be good!  And I'm excited.  It feels right.  Everyone thinks I should be really disappointed, but I am feeling good about it.  I'll let you know my address, I thiiiiink the mission home might be:
Sis Rebecca Formica
1871 E. Del Rio Dr.
Tempe AZ 85282-2822

Um, Dad can you possibly send me a copy of your priesthood lineage?  Um, also I forgot to get a father's blessing the night I left!!  I definitely was planning on it but I guess with sliding (*see below) and packing I forgot.  That seems so long ago ha, but at the same time, everything went so fast.  I'm leaving in a few days...tuesday morning at 4:30 we leave the mtc.  Wow.  I can't possibly be ready, can I?  Ahh. 
Um no time for the rest of it, but I'll send a letter.  Sorry there really isn't anything for the blog this time.  
I am really learning to trust in the Lord.  I am so grateful for His guidance and love.  

Gotta go, love you!  BYE!

Rebecca has always been good about taking time to go outside and appreciate the world.  And she made us do it too.  

Becca came home June 26.  She had a bucket list of things to do before she left.  One thing she refused to give up on was moving all the furniture and sliding across our family room floor.  So Tuesday night before she left, we all got socks on, sprayed a little section of the floor with Pledge (not recommended) and slid across... with some fun variations.  It was a fun way to spend the last night together.  And in order to save my tailbone, McKay made me a poster.  

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