Monday, September 21, 2015


This last week felt like it was soo long.  I think of things that happened last Monday and it seems like it was at least 3 weeks ago.  But now that I'm sitting here, it feels like it was the blink of an eye and I can't remember what happened...maybe by the end of my mission I'll learn to write things down haha.

The only thing I wrote down to tell you is that our Branch President looks EXACTLY like an older Tyler Rasmussen (everyone from the elms).  

Belinda and Nick are doing really well!  So totally humble.  

Ok, more is coming back to me ha.   This was a really good week!!  

We had dinner with a family who hasn't been to church in years.  He is a butcher by trade (score), and they are soo sweet!!  And really funny.  The dad's ancestors were some of the first members here in WA and donated the land for the first chapel to be built.  They have just had some trials and challenges in the last couple of years.  We were in the middle of dessert when she got a call from her son saying that he got pulled over for speeding and it had just happened recently and he doesn't have a license and all this jazz, and they were really upset and worried.  There wasn't anything we could do to help,so we left so they could get it sorted out, but first we said a prayer with them.  She called us later that night saying that he had been released without anything at all, and that they were coming to church on Sunday!  On Saturday they were still set on it. They didn't quite make it there Sunday morning, but they will be there next week!  

It was just a reminder to me that the spirit prompts us to choose the right.  No matter what we say, it's what  the spirit says that really matters.  And sometimes it takes lots of promptings before we act, but as we are persistent and loving in extending invitations, the spirit will have an opportunity to work with them.

We also had zone conference this week, which was amazing!!  I LOVE President and Sister Fife.  They are inspired and so loving.  President Fife has a really strong vision of what the Lord wants to accomplish here.  

Church all the youth from Ellenbrook came up 

There were a lot of miracles.  This week, a man we had met on the street texted us out of the blue asking if we could meet him the next day.  His brother was murdered last year, and he is really lost.  He feels like he has wasted 15 years of his life and doesn't know what to do or where to go.  He is involved in drugs and alcohol and that whole scene, and is struggling.  The gospel of Jesus Christ truly is the answer to all of his questions and problems.  I know that God has a plan for him and for each of us and we can put our trust in him, we don't have to feel lost.  

We also met a man from North Carolina named Ernest and his wife Rebecca who love missionaries.  They used to feed them all the time and study with them. They have such great faith in Christ.  And they live 3 minutes from the chapel!  Perfect hey?  I'll keep you updated.

Anyways, I have to go, but I am doing really really well and am so happy here.  The church is true, that is confirmed to me everyday when I study the scriptures and when I see the impact the gospel has on people's lives, including my own.  I love you all! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Formica

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