Monday, September 7, 2015

NORTHAM!!! much to share, and so little time...there are two computers in the library and you can only reserve them for half an hour. 
I am literally in love with Northam!!  It is beautiful and it reminds me of small towns "back in the day".  Not sure what "day" that refers to, but oh well ha.
Our branch has 14 members when everyone is there.  Everyone.  But there are some single sisters who aren't able to make it every week because of health issues and what not and also some couples who travel a bit.  Our Branch President's family is half of the ward--He has 5 kids, one girl and 4 boys from ages 12 to 5.  They are the cutest and funniest kids I have ever met!!!  And the most hyper.  The littlest, Oscar, always comes up to us when we leave their house or church or anything and says "I miss you..."  Haha.  I'll try to get a picture next week.  The members are so excited to have missionaries here. It's been a long time since they have had any. 
We went to a small town about 20 or 30 minutes from Northam last night that doesn't have any house numbers because they don't have a mailing system...and the lights were so dim, we were soo lost.  Don't worry, we finally found the family we were looking for. 
We received a referral when we got here for the cutest/funniest couple.  He is less active and she isn't a member, but she wants to be married and baptized.  They have been to church here in Northam twice, and they were attending in Dianella before that.  She has to get divorced from her husband before they can get married, so that's holding them up a bit.  They hope to have it figured out in September.  She has a 3 year old daughter who is adorable too.
The members here are so excited to have missionaries and they are eager to do missionary work.  I love the enthusiasm they have.  It makes me think of Alma 4:4 when they talk about establishing the church more fully.  It is on everyone's mind, and they are excited to share the gospel and build up and strengthen the branch.  We have the cutest meeting house, it is so small, but it's got everything.  Oh, we only have church for two hours though because they don't have enough relief society sisters and priesthood to split up for the third hour.  So the two classes are primary (the Penstone's family) and the adult Sunday School class.   
We have been biking and walking all week and have been able to meet many amazing people!  The people are pretty open, and most of them have a belief in God already.  Many of them have heard about the church and know where it is and possibly have friends who are members.  Most of the rest have never met missionaries at all and are curious about what we do!  We have seen so many miracles in the last 5 days!  Heavenly Father truly has a plan for this area.
We are trying to be out in the community and establish good relationships with the people of Northam--most everyone , even if they aren't interested in the gospel currently, have accepted a card with our phone number and said they would call us if they meet anyone who is interested or who needs help.
There is a hot air balloon festival going on in Northam currently, which is so cool!
I gotta go but I love you all!!!  Have a wonderful week!
I feel so good about the things that are happening here and that are going to happen here. 

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