Monday, September 21, 2015

I really can't be bothered thinking of anything to put here

I am so sorry, we don't really have time to email today...the computers in Northam were booked so we have a couple minutes at the other sisters' library.

This was an incredible week!!  We were blessed to meet so many people who are open to the gospel and so ready.  Heavenly Father really wants things to happen here in Northam.  More info next week ha. Also pictures next week (sorry Mum).  Oh and pday will be Wed or Thur because we get to go to the Temple on Monday!!!

We had a mission conference and Elder Pearson came to see us.  He and his wife are amazing and rebuked us so lovingly haha.  I'll tell you mmore about it next week ha. 

Sister Tukuafu has only two more weeks so I'm trying to learn as much as I can before then.  It's getting hotter and there are tons of fliesssss in Northam.

Have a wonderful week!!  Be safe, be smart, Love you all!!

Sister Formica

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