Monday, September 7, 2015

Second week down!!

Coma esta?

The secret to starting a conversation with anyone from a different country is saying hello in their language.  We were biking and this Filipino boy rode past and Sister Tukuafu just said "como esta?"  And he almost fell over looking back at us haha.

Oh also HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!  Yesterday was Father's Day over here.

This week was CRAZY.  But really really good at the same time.  We have been so blessed already here in Northam.  

A couple of the crazy things that happened this week:
One of our former investigators, this elderly lady called us Tuesday morning and accused us of stealing her cds...she went off about how she was so upset and she was going to make things really hard for us and put it in the newspapers and on tv, etc. We went straight there to talk to her and help her find them because she is old and most likely misplaced them (I'm 20 and I misplace things all the time, usually the car keys).  Her brother was there and is supposedly a police man, but she met us at the door and wouldn't listen to anything we had to say--wouldn't let us help her look for them or talk to her brother or anything, and after we told her we didn't take them, she just said, "if you find them bring them back."  A bit hard when you don't have them...but we just keep praying that she will find them and know we didn't steal them.

Also church was a bit crazy yesterday.  Our stake president and his family went to be with his mum on father's day, so that's 7 gone.  Our ward clerk was at home and didn't have transport to church, and neither did another sister who usually comes with the Penstones.  So we had a couple who comes from about an hour away and Nick and Belinda, and a less active woman and her two daughters that we invited.  That was it...and so we didn't have enough priesthood holders to bless and pass the sacrament :( So no sacrament, just testimony meeting.  And only 6 people to bear testimonies.  Luckily the piano plays the hymns on it's own, all I had to do was press the key to start it.  It was the strangest Sunday ever.  Sunday school and sacrament was all done in 1 1/2 hours and that's just because we started a bit late.  

On Saturday we drove sooo far to visit all these people on the lists.  It was a bit of a wild goose chase with some of the names and addresses...apparently they changed the addresses and lot numbers, and so some of them are different, some of them are lot numbers but only the addresses are listed.  We couldn't find a couple people.  And we didn't have any reception the whole time.  But we drove through beautiful areas--green hills and canola fields! Which are pretty cool but smell a bit weird.
Wow, I spent too long telling you about the crazy stuff, not the miracles...but next week I'll tell you about Danny! 

We met some really cool people yesterday--a man and his partner named Rebecca!  He doesn't believe in Jesus Christ, but he has so much real intent.  He said if he did know that it was all true, he would love and serve the Saviour for the rest of his life.  He met with some people from another religion and read the Bible and lots of things, but never had any personal spiritual experiences.  We are so excited to teach him, but they are only free on Sundays and not for another 2 weeks.  That is AGES in mission life.  But for them it's nothing ha.  It's all good.  In the Lord's timing...

I love you all!  I love Northam!!  Hope you have an incredible week!

Sister Formica

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